Work begins on restoring state Capitol cupola

The American and Tennessee flags will not be flying above the Tennessee State Capitol building for a while, according to the AP, as restoration work on the Capitol’s cap, or cupola, gets underway. The $2.3 million project is expected to take about a year to complete and two temporary flagpoles will be erected outside the building during that period.

The $2.3 million project started Wednesday and is expected to take about year to complete. The Capitol building was constructed in 1859, and the cupola was last restored about 100 years later. A major restoration of the interior of the state Capitol in 2012 did not include any work on the cupola atop the structure.

The work will involve removing, repairing and repainting the cupola’s original cast iron elements and the existing cooper roof. Deteriorating exterior stone will be replaced or repaired, new lighting will be installed and a new flagpole will be placed on top.

Note: A Department of General Services “fact sheet” on the project is available HERE.

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