Van Hilleary deregisters as lobbyist to take on Rose chief of staff role

Former U.S. Rep. Van Hilleary (R-Spring City), left, was named chief of staff for Rep.-elect John Rose (R-Cookeville), right. (Image credit: Rose’s office)

Former U.S. Rep. Van Hilleary, a former gubernatorial and U.S. Senate candidate in Tennessee, formally deregistered as a Washington lobbyist last week, Politico reported. Hilleary is now the chief of staff to newly elected Rep. John Rose (R-Cookeville).

Hilleary, formerly of Spring City, lobbied for six clients as a subcontractor to the Williams & Jensen firm. He terminated his registrations on Wednesday, Politico reported.

As The Tennessee Journal reported last month, Hilleary’s lobbying clients over the the past two years included the U.S.-Guatemala Business Council, Global Down Syndrome Foundation, News Media Alliance, Tennessee Valley Floating Homes Alliance, and Exxon Mobil Corp. More prickly, politically speaking, is Hilleary’s recent work on behalf of New American Economy, a group founded by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to advocate for immigration reform.

Hilleary was registered to lobby on two Republican immigration bills that ultimately failed in the House in June. His client decried those measures (one of which was supported by President Donald Trump) as leaving “too many Dreamers in legal limbo” and threatening the economy by seeking drastic cuts in legal immigration.

Rose’s primary campaign against former Murfreesboro Judge Bob Corlew featured the Republican candidates trying to outdo each other on who could be the bigger supporter of Trump’s border wall and immigration rhetoric. “Stop the invasion,” demanded one of Rose’s online ads featuring images of menacing-looking gang members and a map suggesting the 6th District was about to be overrun.

Rose was sworn into office last week.

3 Responses to Van Hilleary deregisters as lobbyist to take on Rose chief of staff role

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    James White says:

    Why Rose would take on a ‘Deep State’ stooge is perplexing.

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      Stuart I. Anderson says:

      How about this for an explanation. Van Hilleary has spent a lot of his time over the past few years acting as a lobbyist for the cheap labor interests in Washington while, despite the stupid campaign adds, Rose has long been close to and heavily supported by the farm interests in Tennessee whose major political goal is having a ready supply of . . .CHEAP LABOR!

      They apparently have long been friends so let’s watch to see whether they embark on a mission to dilute Republican opposition to U. S. having what amounts to open borders. I can’t wait until Heritage Action releases its first scorecard of the 116th Congress this spring. Will Rose turn out to be as worthless as he gives every indication of being? Hopefully, conservatives in the 6th District are even now sounding out their state officeholders and prominent conservatives in the District as to who will run against Rose in the August 2020 Republican Primary should the need arise.

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        James White says:

        I think the scores will be wrong. Now that the democrats control the house, all a GOP has to do is vote against them. The real test is like last year, when the GOP controls all and NOTHING got done.

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