Vacancy on Capitol Commission puts off decision on Forrest bust

It could be months before Gov. Bill Lee fills a vacancy on the Tennessee Capitol Commission, meaning the panel will remain in a holding pattern about whether to recommend the removal of a bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest.

The AP’s Jonathan Mattise reports that Lee is focused on other priorities since his appointee Deputy Chief Tyreece Miller of the Jackson police stepped down from commission. Miller, who is black, has been nominated by President Donald Trump to become the U.S. Marshal for West Tennessee.

“There have been other things that have filled the docket between that point and now,” Lee told reporters in Nashville. “But we will be making an appointment to that commission over the next few months and they will be meeting again. They haven’t determined when they will be meeting. But I’m sure that will unfold over the next several weeks.”


5 Responses to Vacancy on Capitol Commission puts off decision on Forrest bust

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    Not that Stuart guy says:

    Sad that we had to hear this from AP, another lousy moment in the long decline of print journalism in this city and beyond.
    A city the size and vibrancy of Nashville deserves better. Hopefully the latest revival of the iconic Banner nameplate will fill the void.

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    Eddie White says:

    Those of us living in Wilson County rebuilding from the tornado are glad to hear the Governor has more important things to do than re-writing the history of our state.

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    Phil Lassiter says:

    Amen to that, Eddie

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    Donna Locke says:

    Doesn’t the presence of this statue constitute harassment?

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