UT student newspaper cuts print edition to twice weekly

The University of Tennessee’s student-run newspaper, the Daily Beacon, is cutting its print frequency to twice weekly after 50 years of printing five days per week, reports the News Sentinel.

The change, which will start in the fall of 2017, was announced Tuesday in an editorial by the paper’s current and incoming chief editors. (Note: It’s HERE.)

“We’ll still be The ‘Daily’ Beacon, publishing news, entertainment and sports content online Monday through Sunday, but the print copies will be less frequent, include more pages and only consist of the best-written, researched and relevant articles to our campus community,” wrote Bradi Musil, outgoing editor-in-chief, and Alex Holcomb, incoming editor-in-chief. “We aren’t removing print from our priority list; we’re placing it where readers want it.”

The move reflects the declining trend in print media at both student and professional outlets.

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