UT paying $2.5M to settle with former athletic director

The University of Tennessee will pay $2.5 million to its former athletic director, John Currie, under a settlement agreement announced Thursday, reports the News Sentinel. His employment with the university officially ended at 6 p.m. Thursday. He was suspended in December.

Currie will be paid $2,220,454.60 no later than April 1 and will have his salary up through Thursday.  The money will come out of the school’s athletics department and will not involve taxpayer dollars, student tuition or fees or donor funds.

The university’s general counsel, Matthew Scoggins, announced the settlement at the Board of Trustees committee meeting held in Memphis Thursday afternoon. The board’s audit and compliance committee approved the settlement. It does not have to go before the full board, which is meeting Friday.

The presentation from Scoggins and comments from the board were brief, lasting a total of five minutes at the end of the meeting.

“In my opinion, it is in the university’s best interest to put this behind us and move forward in a positive way,” Trustee Brad Lampley said.

3 Responses to UT paying $2.5M to settle with former athletic director

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    Lance Persson says:

    It would seem to me that the people who hired and fired John Currie should also be fired for poor performance on their part. If the 2.5 million dollars “will not involve taxpayer dollars, student tuition or fees or donor funds”, then where is the money coming from. What other sources are there?

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    Eddie White says:

    The Athletic Dept. at the University of Tennessee is self-supporting. Its 100 plus million dollar budget is generated through ticket revenue, donations, TV revenue etc. I do agree that the original hire of John Currie was stupid. Those who knew much about UT and also about John Currie could see this was a bad move back when. Chancellor Davenport leaves a lot to be desired.

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    Tommy Ray McAnally says:

    I wouldn’t give him a dime. If he couldn’t make it on $900,000 a year. TO BAD. You people making this kind of money ithat comes from tax payers of Tennessee SHAMEFUL,DISGRAECFUL. You people that are paid this kind of salary you have no remorse? And Harwell wants people to work that are on TennCare. How about cutting all these state salaries down to $90.000 let these folks no what life is really like. These monies saved would fix roads,schools and even pay our school teacher a lot,lot more. It is a SHAME one person makes $ 900,000 a year. I bet he don’t worry about TennCare.

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