UT to accept ACT test scores despite administrative foul-up

Press release from Lt. Gov. Randy McNally

Lt. Governor Randy McNally (R-Oak Ridge) today announced the University of Tennessee has agreed to accept scores from the October 17 mis-administered ACT tests at Bearden High School and Alvin C. York Institute in Jamestown. The University’s decision was delivered to Lt. Governor McNally by University of Tennessee Interim Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor John Zomchick. 

“I am grateful, once again, to our flagship university for their proactive accommodation of these students. I am hopeful that other Tennessee colleges and universities, private and public, will follow suit,” said McNally.

“This is an unfortunate situation. Hard working high school students have worked for years to gain acceptance to college. A bureaucratic error should not stand in the way of these young people’s future,” McNally continued. “Once the situation is explained, I cannot imagine any institution of learning refusing to accept these scores as legitimate.”

 “The ACT simply needs to explain the situation, release the scores and let colleges and universities make their own determination as to their value. Their refusal to release the scores has turned the college admissions process into a hostage situation. The ACT needs to release these scores and let our young adults have the fighting chance at the scholarships, financial aid and college acceptance they have worked for.”

2 Responses to UT to accept ACT test scores despite administrative foul-up

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    Kay White says:

    Please let your viewers know the following:
    That it is my opinion that Tennesseans feel a sense of disgrace when they realize how one of our elected Senators,Bob Corker, voted against the Tax Cut Bill. This vote made it clear that he has represented himself in Washington, not the people of Tennessee. I am also standing with our President on the issue of Sanctuary Cities and feel that Americans have a right to feel safe in our Country but with the outcome in California recently, we have more to be concerned about with these illegal immigrants who seem to be without heart and do not feel that they should abide by our laws. As Governor, I will stress that we do not want illegals in our State. More oversight needs to be placed on those with work visas. Thank you, Kay White for Governor

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    Lynn says:

    Go away, Kay White. I am a Tennessean and I feel like Bob Corker is a hero… It is not a tax cut, but a corporate give away. Who pays for you, Kay?

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