Two cases of voter fraud in Knox County?

There were two apparent cases of voter fraud in Knox County in the Nov. 8 election and the alleged offenders could face felony charges, according to the News Sentinel.

Cliff Rodgers, administrator of elections, said one case involves a woman who lied on her voter registration form about being a felon. In the second case, a man voted in Knox County after apparently lying about when he moved to Lenoir City.

“I’m turning it over to to the district attorney because he lied under oath,” Rodgers said. “That’s what we call voter fraud.”

Rodgers said people who move out of a county are allowed to vote in their previous county of residence if they moved less than 90 days before the election. The man who relocated to Lenoir City, Rodgers said, informed voting officials he had moved within that 90-day window. He was allowed to vote on a machine.

The man’s wife, however, was in a different line and she told officials the couple had moved about 18 months ago, Rodgers said. She was offered a provisional ballot to vote with, but she declined after being told her vote probably would be rejected because of the move.

… Rodgers said he has provided prosecutors with other cases since he took the post more than five years ago, but he hasn’t been subpoenaed to testify.

According to Knox County Deputy District Attorney Kyle Hixson, cases reported by Rodgers may have been prosecuted without his involvement. Prosecutors in the past have “worked closely with the Election Commission to resolve voter fraud issues,” Hixson said. “Sometimes these cases call for criminal prosecution, and sometimes they do not.”

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