Trump schedules meetings with Corker, Blackburn

Two members of the Tennessee congressional delegation mentioned as possible candidates for appointment to a cabinet position by Donald Trump – Sen. Bob Corker and Rep. Marsha Blackburn – are among those scheduled for meetings with the president-election on Tuesday, reports Michael Collins.

Corker has been suggested as a potential secretary of state or secretary of the treasury. Blackburn, who serves on Trump’s transition team currently, issued a statement on her meeting. Corker’s office only confirmed that a meeting is planned.

Trump’s camp is reportedly split over two leading secretary of state candidates, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, according to multiple national media reports. (See, for example, Politico HERE.) That’s led to speculation that another candidate might reduce friction between Monday amid speculation he might be such a person – and Corker is mentioned, too.

“It was an honor to be a surrogate for Mr. Trump during his hard-fought campaign and to subsequently be asked to serve on the Executive Committee for his Transition Team,” Blackburn said in a statement. “Over the years, I have had the opportunity to visit Trump Tower numerous times, and I look forward to meeting with President-elect Trump in New York City Tuesday to discuss a broad range of policy issues, the transition, and to continue helping him choose the best people for his administration.”

Asked about Corker and Blackburn meeting with Trump and whether he had talked with either of them lately, Gov. Bill Haslam said: “I talk to Senator Corker a lot about a lot of different things. Obviously with the administration change in Washington I’ve talked to both Senator Corker and Senator Alexander a lot, saying what is going to mean for everything from an infrastructure plan to health care. So I’ve talked to him a lot. I haven’t talked to him specifically about that (the meeting with Trump) in the last few days. I will say I can’t imagine anybody that would be better for the president-elect to pick than Bob Corker and whether it be for Secretary of State or Secretary of Treasury he’d be great at either one of those jobs. For the country’s sake I certainly hope he picks Bob.”

Asked if he thinks Corker is in the running for either job, Haslam said: “I do but listen I don’t know anything that anybody else doesn’t. One of my observations about transitions has been there’s a scarcity of news so people tend to run with rumors a little more and you ought to wait for the actual facts before everybody says here’s who the two finalists are.”

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