Trump bashes Bredesen, embraces Blackburn at Nashville rally

In a Nashville rally Tuesday, President Donald Trump declared former Gov. Phil Bredesen “an absolute total tool” of Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and urged Tennessee Republican voters not to become complacent in backing Republican Marsha Blackburn for the U.S. Senate.

From the AP’s report:

President Donald Trump on Tuesday accused House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of being an “MS-13 lover” and dismissed a Democratic Senate candidate as a “tool” of Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, a line of attack likely to become familiar as he boosts Republican congressional candidates ahead of midterm elections.

Trump’s visit to Nashville, Tennessee, promoted the Senate candidacy of Rep. Marsha Blackburn, who was expected to face former Gov. Phil Bredesen in the race to replace retiring Republican Sen. Bob Corker. Besides headlining a private fundraiser for Blackburn, he used a public rally to urge supporters not to become “complacent” this fall while Democrats were “sticking together” to block his agenda.

“He’s a tool of Chuck Schumer and of course the MS-13 lover Nancy Pelosi,” Trump said. Earlier this month, the House Democratic leader criticized Trump’s rhetoric and policies on immigrants after he called members of the international gang “animals.”

Trump added that Bredesen had donated to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2016, saying, “Phil Bredesen supported her and he supported her ideas.”

Trump plans a series of political rallies and events to brand Democrats as obstructionists. He said his supporters can’t sit back and relax this fall after working to elect him in 2016. “That’s the worst thing that can happen,” he said.

“In November, we will reverse a trend,” Trump added, alluding to recent precedent in which the party holding the White House tends to lose congressional seats.

He said of Democrats, “They’re bad at everything but they’re good at sticking together,” and appealed for GOP unity come November.

The president held a similar rally in Indiana earlier this month, appearing with Republican businessman Mike Braun and ripping Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly as a “swamp person” who refused to aid the GOP agenda. Trump will also raise money for GOP candidates in Texas on Thursday.

Trump is using the campaign appearances to mobilize his core backers by highlighting his accomplishments in office, like improving economic indicators and moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and resurrecting some of his go-to lines from the 2016 campaign.

“I don’t want to cause a problem, but in the end, Mexico’s gonna pay for the wall,” Trump said of his signature campaign promise.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto quickly replied to Trump, writing Tuesday on his Twitter account — in English, which Pena Nieto seldom does — “NO. Mexico will NEVER pay for a wall. Not now, not ever. Sincerely, Mexico (all of us).”

Further from The Tennessean:

“If Bredesen were ever to get elected, he’d do whatever Chuck and Nancy (want),” the president said, referring to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

Trump said if the audience wanted safe communities and schools they need to “go out and get the Democrats the hell out of office.” 

“You have to work with Marsha,” Trump said. “We have to get the votes. We need the votes.” 

In classic Trump fashion, the president poked fun at Bredesen, at times saying he’d never heard of the former governor and Nashville mayor. At one point, Trump said the “very liberal” Bredesen — who he called “Philbert” — was recruited by Schumer and Pelosi.

After the attacks, a spokeswoman for Bredesen’s campaign said when he wins he will vote in the best interest of Tennesseans. 

“Governor Bredesen has made it clear that if President Trump proposes something that’s good for Tennessee, then he’ll support it,” Bredesen spokeswoman Alyssa Hansen said. “Bottom line: Phil Bredesen is an independent thinker with a proven record of working with Democrats and Republicans.”

… Blackburn made a brief speech, in which she cited Trump’s work on issues ranging from North Korea to defeating ISIS.

Blackburn made a brief speech, in which she cited Trump’s work on issues ranging from North Korea to defeating ISIS.

“Tennessee needs a senator who is going to support President Donald Trump,” Blackburn said. “I am going to be there to stand with President Donald Trump and take your Tennessee values to Washington, D.C. to fight with him and get the job done.”

Blackburn and Trump embraced on stage.

11 Responses to Trump bashes Bredesen, embraces Blackburn at Nashville rally

  • Avatar
    James White says:

    I don’t think Bredesen going to the senate will change much of the non progress of the republicans. The Republicans hold the House, the Senate, and the Presidential office…. yet they haven’t repealed ObamaCare. So what is the difference?

    • Avatar
      Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Far be it for me to defend the congressional Republican Party that contains too many centrists and tepid conservative placeholders who are there to serve the U. S. Chamber of Commerce and Business Round Table. I do what I can to encourage Republican voters to send more solid conservatives to congress.

      Unfortunately, sending Bredesen to the Senate would move the far left Democrats one step closer to control of that body. Relative to the Republicans the Democrats advocate more judicial activism, a stronger federal government which translates into more taxes more regulations and a stronger administrative state, and greater acceding to the wishes of international bodies which results in a loss of U. S. sovereignty. I thought you were opposed to that sort of thing.

      • Avatar
        James White says:

        Stuart, your beloved Marsha Blackburn is a Member of a body that wants global government. TPN.

        • Avatar
          Stuart I. Anderson says:

          My love for Marsha is based on how godawful the Democratic alternative is. We will have a U. S. Senator replacing Corker – Marsha or Phil whether that pleases you or not. If you’re right of center Marsha is the obvious choice. You’re making this more difficult than it has to be .

      • Avatar
        Leslie Parsley says:

        Mr. Anderson: You have a right to your misguided opinions, but that doesn’t make them true, just like the garbage that comes out of Trump’s mouth or that he spews on Twitter. It just makes me sad that so many folks like you believe him. You and your extremist friends wouldn’t recognize the truth if the good Lord himself came down to earth and presented you with a list of facts. Your obstinance and blindness is no different than that of the German population in the 1930s. It’s not the Democrats or the Republican centrists who are destroying our democratic form of government — our democracy — it is deaf and dumb extremists like you.

        I know I’m wasting my breath but when the day comes and you look out at the pile of ashes and dead bodies that this menace has wrought, I hope these words haunt you to the end of your days.

        • Avatar
          Stuart I. Anderson says:

          Leslie, I feel certain that someone has pointed this out to you before, so I simply repeat, you approach U. S. politics in an extremely overwrought manner that simply can’t be healthy for you physically. I don’t know you so I don’t know why you are the way you are because there is simply nothing going on in this country that calls for anyone to have your intemperate attitude to those who simply disagree with you about politics.

          I spent a great deal of money trying to prevent Trump from becoming President and I was an Alternate Cruz Delegate to the 2016 Republican Convention. I don’t believe I ever said anything particularly laudatory about Trump but on you go constructing demons where none exist. What will surely lead us into the Weimar Republic you fear is if a great number of people in this country ratchet themselves up to the level of hostility against their political opponents that you somehow have managed to achieve. It’s simply not healthy, not for you, not for this country.

        • Avatar
          William Upton says:

          Maybe just a little over reaction there Leslie?

        • Avatar
          Bob Fischer says:

          Preach on Leslie, preach on.

      • Avatar
        Bob Fischer says:

        Judicial activism? For who? The Supreme Court has just ruled that if the country’s largest employer were to short every employees two minutes a day on their paycheck (less than three dollars a week for most of them) that they would each have to sue the company individually to get their money back. There are to be no more class action suits. You’re just out of touch with reality.

  • Avatar
    Bob Fischer says:

    If you favor a criminal Senate that is bribed and owned by a corporate dictatorship, Blackburn’s your man. She’s bought and paid for.

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