Bredesen camp issues ‘Transparency in TV’ challenge

Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen is issuing a “Transparency in TV” challenge to Marsha Blackburn’s camp after the Republican released an ad featuring people who purportedly voted for Bredesen as governor but won’t do the same again for Senate.

(The Tennessee Journal asked the Blackburn campaign to identify the people featured in the ad, but has yet to hear back. A spokeswoman told The Tennessean — and later the TNJ — that “voters featured in these ads are real, unpaid Tennessee voters,” but did not give further details.)

Bredesen spokeswoman Alyssa Hansen released the names, occupations, and hometowns of the five people featured in Bredesen’s latest spot titled “Brown Bag.”

The five Bredesen voters are identified as: Ann Johnson, businesswoman, Williamson County; Heather Powell, public school parent, Nashville; Jack Pratt, farmer, Wilson County; Marianne Schroer, civic leader, Franklin; and Frank Stevenson, faith leader, Nashville.

“From our perspective, this is a campaign about authenticity, ideas, and — above all else — honesty,” Hansen said. “Hopefully, Congresswoman Blackburn’s campaign will be as transparent as Governor Bredesen has told us to be.”

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    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    “Operation Distraction” is what I would use if I was running in a liberal community and I know that I am and have always been a conservative. Bredesen is a liberal running in a conservative community and of course he is doing the same thing. Fair enough, now it’s Marsha’s job to not let him get away with it.

    Hopefully Marsha can dispose of this matter by naming the voters who were in her ad so long as they agree to be identified by name and occupation. If not, that’s OK too, the point of the ad is that Bredesen may have governed Tennessee as a moderate because he had to by way of the Constitution of the State of Tennessee and the conservative makeup of the legislature but since leaving office he has shown himself to be a liberal Democrat out of step with the voters of Tennessee who voted for Trump by a comfortable margin. Let Marsha’s media guys say it in as many creative ways as possible because that is what this election is all about and let’s not let the voters forget it.

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    RB Sanders says:

    Gov Phil Bredesen has a proven track record working for Tennesseans of all walks of life. He won when running for governor in counties in each of the three great divisions of the state… rural and urban. Wealthy and poor. Those predominantly white and black. He was a governor who represented all Tennesseans and did not pander to a small, predominantly extremely wealthy and beyond elitist as has his opponent. She and members of her family live in the elite set of Williamson County and seek attention as such. Phil Bredesen and his family do not live attempting to be seen at every “charity gala” and pictured in the elite Society magazines of Brentwood and Nashville. Yes, he is wealthy, but he lives an extremely modest life style for someone with such wealth. In the US Senate he will fight for what is best for all Tennesseeans and all Americans not the Brentwood elite as Blackburn has done her entire political life. Even at a glance it’s obvious that Bredesen is a work-horse not a show-horse like Blackburn.

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      Eddie White says:

      I do not know Bredesen personally so I cannot comment personally on his lifestyle. I have read in the past that he has 4 homes including an expensive home in Jackson Hole, Wy. Is that true?

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      MarLE says:

      It doesn’t matter to me how much money Bredesen has. But it appears that his wealth is going to be used as cat-o-nine-tails on him by some hypocritical media. Not sure if this is a Blackburn-endorsed strategy but I hope class warfare afficionodos are not going to rule the day. Ironically, one of Nashville’s online, so-called-news-outlets blasted Bredesen for his ad in front of his mother’s very modest home. This same outlet supported Diane Black and had nothing to say about her “muffler changing” ad or the one where she recounts her single-mother days on gov assistance. Make up your mind, So-called-news-outlet. Call out everybody or nobody. Or better yet abandon the class envy angle.

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    Donna Locke says:

    It’s a sad sack of rotten onions we’re leaving to our children.

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    James White says:

    The debt has gone up every year that Marsha Blackburn has been in office.

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    James Williams says:

    The Blackburn Campaign has already released one Ad filled with lies. I doubt thisonw is any different. The deficit has soared while the Republicans have controlled Congress. The whole Opioid Problem that grips the Country? Follow Marsha’s money to see why.

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    Eddie White says:

    Jack Pratt is a Democrat from Wilson County, I assume the the other 4 are Democrats as well. Seems like there is a sudden interest in the debt around election time. I guess Bredesen needs an issue to make him look conservative.

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    Bob Fischer says:

    Bredeson is a moderate. He always has been. His record reflects an ability to look at problems facing government and to steer governments actions in a fiscally conservative manner to address those problems. That’s what he does best, and frankly, that’s what we need in Washington at this time.

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