TNDP backs ‘Medicare for all,’ $15 minimum wage and medical marijuana

News release from Tennessee Democratic Party

On Saturday, October 28, 2017, the Executive Committee of the Tennessee Democratic Party passed three resolutions supporting progressive policies. First they weighed in on health care, voicing their support for ‘Medicare for All.’

“Too many Tennessee families cannot take their children to the doctor when they are sick because they can’t afford insurance. 8 rural hospitals have closed since 2010 in Tennessee leaving entire communities with no emergency care.  Tennessee Democrats are making it clear the priority has to be solving these problems and ensuring that health care is guaranteed to everyone and ‘Medicare for All’ does exactly that,” said Will T. Cheek, recently re-elected DNC Executive Committee Member from Nashville.

Next the committee took on the issue of poverty, adopting a position supporting $15 minimum wage.

“Tennessee has the most minimum wage jobs of any state in the country and over 1 million people living in poverty, folks are really struggling. Democrats know that nobody can survive on $7.25 an hour. It’s well past time to raise the minimum wage to a living wage and we fully support the Fight for $15” said recently elected DNC Executive Committee Member from Memphis, Gale Jones Carson.

Finally, state Democrats made it known they support allowing the use of Medical Marijuana, an issue being studied at the state legislature.

“There is a growing body of research about the benefits of medical uses of marijuana, including for the treatment of chronic pain. At this moment, when legal opioids have created an epidemic that is devastating our communities, giving doctors any other options seems like a good idea,” said TNDP executive committeeman Gary Blackburn.

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