TN poll approval: Haslam 57, Trump 51, Alexander 44, Corker 40

A poll of 625 registered Tennessee voters by Mason-Dixon Polling and Strategy Inc., conducted Nov. 17-20, found 57 percent approve of Gov. Bill Haslam’s job performance, 51 percent approval for President Donald Trump, 44 percent for Sen. Lamar Alexander and 40 percent for Sen. Bob Corker.

Excerpt from the poll memo:

With Trump, there is a very sharp division based on a political party identification, with 81% of Republicans approving of it and 86% of Democrats disapproving. Independents approve of Trump’s performance by a margin of 53%-38%.

Haslam has more cross-over support, as a plurality of Democrats (43%-41%) approve of the job he is doing as governor. Haslam has 67% approval from Republican voters, but lags behind Trump, as 24% of GOP voters disapprove of the GOP governor’s performance. However, Independents give Haslam a 58% approval rating.

Tennessee’s two U.S. Senators are less popular among voters. Statewide, Lamar Alexander’s performance is approved of by 44% and disapproved by 42%. A long-time officeholder, Alexander’s approval ratings had consistently above 60% — both as governor and throughout most of his time in the Senate. Alexander now only receives a 51% approval rating from his fellow Republicans.

Corker has never had the popularity of Alexander, but had generally maintained an approval rating in the 55%-60% range. Now, only 40% approve of his performance and 48% disapprove. Corker’s approval rating among Republicans is just 36%, with 55% disapproving. In fact, Corker is now significantly more popular with Democrats, who approve of his job performance by a 49%-41% margin.

2 Responses to TN poll approval: Haslam 57, Trump 51, Alexander 44, Corker 40

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    Penny Tucker says:

    I do not believe . In the words of Mark Twain –There are lies, damned lies and statiatics

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    Kay White says:

    I would say that a new poll would show Corker with less than 20 % after his vote against the new Tax Bill! For Gov. Haslam and his overall over 8 Billion in increases in our State Budget and his Gas Tax Bill, I would simply say, many Tennesseans have not realized about the Budget increases and many of the elected State Senators and State Representatives do not seem to know what the increases were for and the Gas Tax has only just begun to affect the lives of Tennesseans unless we can elect a Governor who will seek to have this Bill rolled back and reviewed for the consequences which it will cause to all who live in our state! This diesel increase will have a horrible affect on our Farmers!

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