TN Democrats raised $300K at Jackson Day dinner

News release from Tennessee Democratic Party

Nashville, Tenn. (May 22, 2017) – On Friday, May 19, 800 Tennessee Democrats from across the state gathered in Nashville to celebrate the annual Three Star Jackson Day Dinner. Attendees heard from elected leaders and candidates, paid tribute to President Barack Obama and looked to the future.

Speaking about the Trump administration, keynote speaker US Senator Amy Klobuchar told Tennesseans “this moment in time is not simply a moment to overcome…think of this as an opportunity, a moment to shine. A moment to show the world what our country and our party is all about.”

Former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean stressed the importance of investing in all parts of the state saying, “there are pockets all over the state where people are not feeling the same success we felt here in Nashville. It is incumbent on us as a state to make sure that everyone is participating in prosperity.”

State House Democratic Leader Craig Fitzhugh talked about his work in the legislature and said, “I stand with every Tennessean that works hard and honestly, and expects their government to do the same.”

US Senate Candidate James Mackler recounted volunteering for the US Army after 9/11. Mackler noted about flying Blackhawk helicopters, “not once during a yearlong combat deployment did I ever question whether the person next to me was a Democrat or a Republican. I knew we would cooperate…we had a mission to accomplish…we should expect the exact same thing from our elected officials.”

Dr. Lynnette Williams, also a candidate for US Senate, spoke about her experience as a physician and said “we need more opportunities for the Affordable Care Act to encompass everyone, so we can have universal health care.”

Actor Ed Asner was in Nashville because to support a charity event for the Nashville IDD Housing Group, he has a son and grandson with autism. “If the Republican party had it’s way, people like my son and grandson could be discriminated against for having a preexisting condition, how about that crap?” Asner said. “Democrats stick up for one another…they know that an attack on one is an attack on all, that’s why I’m a Democrat,” he concluded.

All told, Tennessee Democrats raised approximately $300,000 from the dinner and attendance outpaced 2016, a presidential election year, a sign that the energy seen at protests and rallies is translating to new interest and investment in the Democratic Party.

“This year’s dinner was a huge success. Tennesseans have seen enough of the Trump administration to know it is the same old Republican policies that will leave hardworking Tennesseans behind. Democrats in every part of the state are already hard at work preparing to win elections,” said Mary Mancini, chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party.

3 Responses to TN Democrats raised $300K at Jackson Day dinner

  • These people live in a dream world. No where have I seen where preexisting conditions are being left out of the new proposals and you are spreading lives. Tennessee has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, so people that want to work can find work, but there are too many democrats out here that rather live off the free stuff. As for candidate Mackler, every time I look around, you see all the dems hiding in a corner whining and not trying to work with the republicans and they have become the party of “NO”. Anyone can become a participant in prosperity if they will get out and look for a job. As for republicans and independents, we are always willing to help those that are down on their luck but not those that take advantage of the free system!

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    Rob Mitchell says:

    Karl Dean is merely parroting what I have already stated.

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    Joe Dunn says:

    Jim Horner, obviously you get your news from Trump. If you have not seen pre existing conditions being left out of the proposals, perhaps it’s because you have not read any of them. As to your claim that Tennessee has one of the lowest unemployment rates… Tennessee has the 5th HIGHEST unemployment rate in the US. Nice try, but I guess whe Trump said “I love the Uneducated” he was talking to you.

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