TN Democrats backing Tom Perez for DNC chair

News release from Tennessee Democratic Party

Nashville, Tenn. (February 24, 2017) – Tennessee Democrats are looking to set their strategy for the future at the upcoming DNC officer elections in Atlanta on February 25th with all 5 DNC members supporting former Secretary of Labor Tom Perez for DNC chair.

“I want to make this clear – this decision should not be viewed a ‘wing-vs-wing’ fight and anyone who characterizes it as such is playing into the hands of those who benefit from perpetuating the idea that the Democratic Party is divided,” said Tennessee Democratic Party Chairwoman Mary Mancini, “The reality is that this was a hard choice between a number of solid progressive candidates all with track records of positive organizational development and grassroots campaign experience.”

“The vision we have for moving forward is one where we will strengthen our team and our bench from the ground up and listen to voters in every area of this state,” Mancini continued, “Secretary Perez agrees with our vision and has the skills to make that vision a reality.”

Perez has earned the endorsements of Vice President Joe Biden, several Democratic governors and numerous state party officials across the county. Secretary Perez has announced a platform that includes increasing resources to all state parties, fighting voter suppression and working to elect a deep bench of candidates from local elections up through federal.

Tennessee DNC members include Chairwoman Mary Mancini, Vice Chairman John Litz, and three at-large members: Gale Jones-Carson from Memphis, Will Cheek from Nashville and Bill Owen from Knoxville.

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