TN delegation split on $1.3 trillion federal spending vote

The Tennessee congressional delegation split in voting on a $1.3 trillion federal spending plan that passed the U.S. House 256-157 on Thursday and the Senate 65-32 early Friday morning. The measure funds the government through Sept. 30.

Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander voted yes and, prior to the vote, issued a press release praising several of the spending items in the package. Republican Sen. Bob Corker voted no and, prior to the vote, declared in a floor speech that the bill was the most “grotesque” seen in his 11 years of service.

In the House, yes votes in the Tennessee delegation came from Republican Reps. Chuck Fleischmann of Ootelwah, Phil Roe of Johnson City and David Kustoff of Germantown along with Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper of Nashville.

The Tennessee no votes came from Marsha Blackburn of Brentwood, Diane Black of Gallatin, John J. “Jimmy” Duncan of Knoxville and Democrat Steve Cohen of Memphis.

Corker is quoted in Politico’s story on the 12:39 am Senate floor vote that came after a round of “begging, pleading and cajoling” by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

 “This is ridiculous. This is juvenile,” fumed Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), who asked McConnell for an explanation of why the chamber was in at midnight. “What has occurred over the last 11 hours that keeps us here voting on a bill that we all know is going to pass?”

…“This is a ridiculous process that we go through where people extort us until we get so tired that we’re willing to do whatever it is they wish for us to do,” Corker said.

Voting in favor of the bill were Democrat Jim Cooper of Nashville and Republicans Chuck Fleischmann of Ooltewah, Phil Roe of Johnson City and David Kustoff of Germantown.

6 Responses to TN delegation split on $1.3 trillion federal spending vote

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    James White says:

    I suspect the only reason Marsha voted no is that she is in re-elect (running for Senate) mode. She has voted for these HUGE Obminius spending bill previously.

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    Steve L. says:

    Predictably, the Republicans who are not conservatives vote to spend too much and ignore the needs of the average Tennessee voter. BUILD THE WALL! How smart do you have to be to understand what unrestricted immigration is doing to the job prospects of the average Tennessee Worker? Apparently their is a “Dumb Zone” surrounding the DC Capital Building. I advise President Trump to not sign this bill. Send the bill back and shut the government down. And more politicians ought to vote like they are up for reelection. Jimmy Duncan is not up for reelection and he voted to defend the American Worker. We will miss you Jimmy.

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      Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Steve, if want someone to veto a monstrosity like the spending bill you need a conservative President with a strong sense of fiscal responsibility like Cruz, instead we have Trump who will quickly sign the bill despite not getting anything meaningful toward building the wall.

      Speaking of missing Jimmy, who do you like to succeed Duncan? I know Jimmy Matlock is a great conservative from his record in the General Assembly but what do you think of Tim Burchett? Who do you think is going to win?

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    Tricia Stickel says:

    Russ, you have omitted our Congressman from the 4th District, Dr. Scott DesJarlais who voted a resounding N0.

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    Tommy Ray McAnally says:

    The ONLY reason Diane Blaclk voted NO she is running for Governor or she would vote YES. Also Marshall Blackburn something she is running for senator an office she can’t WIN. By the way why doesn’t any State Rep.,State Senator,US Senator or US Rep. Do something about shipping all illegals by to where they came? I WILL GUARANTEE.

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