TN Beacon Center sets up ‘advocacy’ affiliate

Press release from Beacon Center of Tennessee

NASHVILLE – Today, the Beacon Center of Tennessee announced the formation of Beacon Impact, a new 501(c)(4) organization that will serve as the think tank’s advocacy partner. 

Justin Owen, who will serve as CEO of both organizations, issued the following statement: “The Beacon Center has a solid track record of developing policy solutions grounded in the principles of free markets, individual liberty, and limited government. We have also successfully shepherded many of these solutions into law. But it’s not enough. We need the ability to advocate for meaningful reform both inside and outside the state Capitol, in the halls of the legislature and local governments, and also on the ground in our communities. Beacon Impact will be our strategic partner to turn our ideas into action at all levels.”
John Cerasuolo, chairman of both the Beacon Center and Beacon Impact noted, “We are tremendously proud of what the Beacon Center has been able to accomplish with a small staff, especially with such stringent limits on our ability to advocate for the policies we have formulated and that we know will make Tennessee freer and more prosperous. With the launch of Beacon Impact, we can now have an even larger imprint on the future of our great state.” 
A nonprofit 501(c)(3), the Beacon Center has never engaged in election-related activity or advocated for any particular political party or candidate, but instead has become a trusted independent, nonpartisan voice for free market ideas. Similarly, while allowed by law as a 501(c)(4), Beacon Impact will not endorse or oppose specific candidates for office, instead focusing exclusively on advocating for the policy ideas developed by the Beacon Center. In tandem, these two organizations will be the strongest independent voice for free markets, individual liberty, and limited government the state has ever seen.
The Beacon Center empowers Tennesseans to reclaim control of their lives, so that they can freely pursue their version of the American Dream. Beacon Impact’s mission is to turn the ideas of the Beacon Center into action through advocacy. 

2 Responses to TN Beacon Center sets up ‘advocacy’ affiliate

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    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    What wonderful news!!!!

    Just when the propaganda for the mega-boondoggle transportation scheme re: Nashville is about to take off pursuant to a spring referendum we now have Beacon Impact that will hopefully serve to lead in the effort to educate Davidson County voters to vote “NO.” No doubt due to an unsavory combination of developers concerned with making a killing and left wing politicians in Davidson County who simply love big government projects and the taxes to pay for them, there will be no shortage funds to encourage a “YES” vote.

    Here’s hoping Beacon Impact fulfills the role I foresee for it in which case I look forward to providing it with significant financial support.

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    Molly Mann says:

    Does Justin Owen’s wife work in Speaker Harwell’s office?

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