Tennessee among 24 states on White House ‘red zone’ list

Tennessee is among 24 states on the White House’s coronavirus “red zone” list, according to the Center for Public Integrity. The state is among 13 where officials have refused to share details about the findings.

Here’s the article originally published by Liz Essley Whyte of the Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit investigative news organization based in Washington, D.C.:

Twenty-four states are in the “red zone” for new coronavirus cases, according to documents the White House Coronavirus Task Force distributes to governors every week but does not publish. States in the middle of the country — North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Montana and Utah — topped the list.

The Center for Public Integrity obtained the weekly reports, the existence of which it first revealed in July. The Trump administration has been withholding them from the public. In July, 18 states were in the red zone, with more than 100 new cases per 100,000 residents. 

The task force in its most recent reports emphasized the need for masks and testing. “Masks must be worn indoors in all public settings and group gathering sizes should be limited,” the task force told red-zone Kansas, where most counties have opted out of a statewide mask mandate. 

The Oct. 4 report to Idaho appears to be the first time the task force has explicitly recommended closing schools: “Recommend change to online K-12 classes in counties and metro areas with elevated test positivity and incidence among schoolage children and increasing hospital utilization,” the White House advised, noting that outbreaks in 10 Idaho counties may be related to school openings. The Trump administration championed opening schools this summer, and the task force reports previously generally avoided the topic of K-12 education. The Oct. 4 reports from the White House Coronavirus Task Force included a ranking of states based on their rates of new cases. States with more than 100 new cases last week per 100,000 residents were in the red zone. (Screenshot of report)

But the task force didn’t recommend the steps it advised for red zone states earlier in the pandemic, such as closing bars and limiting gatherings to 10 people or fewer. The Democrat-led House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis last month criticized the task force for watering down its recommendations over time.

Only one state, Vermont, was in the green zone for cases in the most recent report, with just six new cases per 100,000 residents in the last week.

The White House earlier told Public Integrity that it was not releasing the reports because the pandemic response should be state-led and federally supported. “The United States will not be shut down again,” White House spokesman Judd Deere said in August.

Since then, Public Integrity has contacted officials in all 50 states weekly to obtain the reports. Governors and health officials in 13 states — Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New York, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia — have refused to share any so far or have not responded to repeated inquiries to multiple officials. The White House has said that states are free to share the reports if they want to do so.

The 24 states in the red zone are:
1. North Dakota
2. South Dakota
3. Wisconsin
4. Montana
5. Utah
6. Iowa
7. Nebraska
8. Idaho
9. Arkansas
10. Oklahoma
11. Missouri
12. Kansas
13. Wyoming
14. Tennessee
15. Minnesota
16. Kentucky
17. Alabama
18. Mississippi
19. Alaska
20. Nevada
21. Illinois
22. Indiana
23. Texas
24. South Carolina

20 Responses to Tennessee among 24 states on White House ‘red zone’ list

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    Donna Locke says:

    Since we are holed up kind of, I will recommend a good new book I read last week. Miracle Country by Kendra Atleework. It’s a memoir of a quirky family and a part of California we don’t hear a lot about. Atleework is a great writer and gets into a lot of interesting history of the water wars in California. She grew up in and currently lives in a part of California robbed of its water by Los Angeles. She’s done her research.

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    Lance Persson says:

    Anyone know if the details (age, health condition before testing, degree of Covid 19 case , location, etc.) for individual COVID 19 testing is available to the public? Simply looking at the number of new cases is a very weak basis for making decisions which have such significant impact on people’s jobs and livelyhoods. There is a significant difference between having 10 new cases with mild symptoms then there is of having 10 new cases that required hospitalization. Also significant difference is if those tested were individuals with existing life threading sickness before testing compared to individuals who were perfectly healthy before they tested positive.

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      MARLE says:

      In the early days of covid only people with significant symptoms were hospitalized. NOW anyone, with mild symptoms for whom Remdesivir Could be helpful MUST be admitted to the hospital for several days since the drug is ONLY available in IV drip and patients must be monitored.

      Finding out how many are in the ICU/on Ventilators is the number that tells us how much human capital is consumed by the virus. Hospitalizations, without knowing more than just the raw numbers, isn’t really that helpful.

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      Phil Lassiter says:

      Have another drink. Liquor stores open at 9!!

      • Avatar
        MARLE says:

        Again with the drinking. You are obsessed but the good news is that there is help.

      • Avatar
        MARLE says:

        And while most couldn’t tell you the schedule for liquor store openings it’s no surprise that YOU know. Psychologists call your problem “projection”. But it can be mitigated with help.

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    Not that Stuart guy says:

    The failure to release this info is criminal. The failure to abide by the guidelines therein would also be criminal, but hey, if we don’t have the info or even know it exists, how can we abide by it? The Trump admin continues to blow it. But the Lee administration is worse.

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      Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Violating this or that law, rule, or regulation is CRIMINAL. Dam it, LOCK ‘EM UP! Ah, the frisson of a pandemic to an authoritarian. I wonder, what opens the door to more laws, rules and regulations, a pandemic or man made global warming hence what turns authoritarians of the left on more? Just wondering.

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    James White says:

    Alex Berenson
    Oct 2
    Umm what? The @who
    now estimates that 750,000,000 people have gotten the ro? Which, at 1 million death, would put the death rate at 1 in 750 (even with overcounting, etc) – or 0.13%. That’s the lowest estimate I’ve ever seen. Say it with me: IT’S THE FLU.

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      MARLE says:

      The WHO reports on world wide stats.

      Ironically, some of the poorest countries with the worst medical care have the Lowest rates, far below that of the US, of death. WHY? Because this is a Virus that kills most those over 65 and with serious pre-existing conditions. In poor countries the bulk of the population never makes much past 65 and those with serious medical conditions die early and never get to be old and infirmed and living in nursing homes.

      The US has the world’s Largest population (no one comes close to us) over the age of 65……we have 54 Million people that age and older. Many African countries have more people but no where near the over-65 population that we do.

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    LeeAnn C. says:

    And today I read an account of CDC September report that found over 70% of patients testing positive consistently wore masks. No one’s broadcasting THAT finding loudly. It would certainly burst the balloon of the Presidential candidature that wants a nationwide mask mandate. I’m so weary of fingerpointing with no purpose whatsoever. Certainly not in the genuine public health interest!

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      MARLE says:

      70% wore masks and got covid……. Wore them When? Some of the time? And are these “self reports”? If so then that data, relying on 100% honesty is beyond unreliable.

      Wore them how? Riding below their nose.

      Made out of what? Gaiters and masks made of fleece or unlined Are virtually useless.

      I’d like to read that report. Where did you say you read that b/c I think many on here would like to read it for themselves.

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      Donna Locke says:

      I saw that report, LeeAnn. Our mayor in Columbia has been very outspoken for mask-wearing and still got the virus.

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        MARLE says:

        The president of the Univ of Notre Dame was very outspoken about masks. Good thing we have video of him not wearing one just before he contracted the virus. Some of the time, or most of the time is not All of the time.

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          Donna Locke says:

          Chaz, our mayor, said he wore a mask everywhere, and I don’t doubt that, since he criticized the governor and was pretty obsessive and worried because he has three small children. We know others just as obsessive about wearing a mask who got the virus. So.

          • Avatar
            Donna Locke says:

            I think in these cases that the virus was brought into their homes somehow, and I know that viruses can get through any of the masks we average folks are wearing. Many, such as the disposable masks, are not even a snug fit on the face, so you are pulling in air around it, and you can catch a virus anywhere an infected person has exhaled.

          • Avatar
            MARLE says:

            And so that’s why I asked: wearing it how? wearing it when? Made of what?
            Yesterday I went to Dollar Tree. Big sign on the door at eye level: “A face mask is necessary to enter this store”.

            Sure enough a woman was wearing on around her neck like a piece of jewelry. And b/c of her smoker’s cough (or covid?) she was coughing standing just ahead of me in the check out line. If asked whether she wears a mask I assume she’d say “yes”.

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    Taxpayer #314 says:

    Republicans just don’t care about others – they demand their freedom. “Freedom” to infect you, “freedom” to kill you and the absolute “freedom” to harass you if you don’t agree with them on any of these topics. VOTE them out!

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    David Collins says:

    Anyone else notice that nearly every state listed in the “red zone” is also considered a “red state” for partisan purposes? Interesting.

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    Taxpayer #314 says:

    You got that right. GO VOTE these people out of office.

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