Lee unveils 10-point ‘contract with Tennesseans’

Bill Lee speaks to supporters at his headquarters launch in Franklin on Feb. 12, 2018. (Erik Schelzig/Tennessee Journal)

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee is touting a “Ten for Tenn” plan that he calls his “contract with Tennesseans.” The plan includes reducing the number of agencies in state government, term limits for state lawmakers, and creating an Office of Faith Based Initiatives in the governor’s office.

Here’s the full release:

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – Today, businessman and Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee released his detailed plan for Tennessee, which he’s calling Ten for Tenn. Ten for Tenn highlights ten key items Bill plans to focus on and enact as governor.

“As a CEO, it is important to set the vision for my company, and I believe it is just as important to set the vision for the state as governor,” said Lee. “Ten for Tenn” is my contract with Tennesseans, and I look forward to working to enact my conservative vision for Tennessee”

Ten for Tenn includes the following key points:

  1. Foster an Environment Where Jobs Continue to Grow
  2. Rethink Public Education with Major Vocational Reforms, Real School Choice, and Civics Education
  3. Stand up for Rural Tennessee by Expanding Economic Opportunity and Winning the War On Opioids
  4. Get Tough on the State Budget by Making Government Smaller and More Efficient
  5. Ensure New Voices in Nashville by Passing Term Limits and the Challenging the Influence Culture of Insiders
  6. Create a New Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives
  7. Make Government More Accessible, Open, and Accountable to Taxpayers
  8. Protect and Defend a Culture of Life
  9. Defend Our Constitutional Liberties Without Compromise
  10. Enforce the Rule of Law on Immigration

Job Growth – Bill knows that government doesn’t create jobs, people do. His number one priority for job growth is getting government out of the way by lowering uncompetitive taxes on business, enacting an immediate regulatory freeze, and making sure our economic incentives prioritize jobs created in Tennessee over jobs brought to Tennessee.

Education – On education, Bill believes a high school diploma should mean you are ready to enter the workforce in a trade, not wait for two to four more years of higher education. He will continue to fight for improved vocational, technical, and agricultural education options in every high school. He’ll work to bring back civics education, and will reduce the testing burden while making any test more meaningful for parents and teachers.

Rural Tennessee – As a product of rural Tennessee, Bill will make sure our rural communities get the attention they deserve by implementing all of his points in his Roadmap for Rural Tennessee and he will take on the opioid crisis by giving law enforcement the tools they need to stop the new flood of street drugs, and he will seek significantly stronger penalties for drug traffickers.

Streamlining Government – Bill will get tough on the state budget by making government smaller and more efficient. Tennessee has 22 Cabinet Departments, the Federal Government has 15, and Kentucky has 11. Bill will lead that charge. He will pursue strategic mergers of departments and divisions to streamline government, break down silos, and through the appointment of an inspector general find new efficiencies to serve the taxpayers.

Term Limits, Lobbying Bans, and Conflict of Interest Reform – Bill will also advance term limits for all elected officials. A permanent political class is not what our founders intended, and term limits can help bring fresh new ideas and limit influence. He will also work to pass a five-year lobbying ban for lawmakers. Public service shouldn’t lead to a permanent influence class in our state capital. And Bill will also strengthen our state’s conflict of interest rules to ensure that no sitting official enriches themselves through state contracts while in office.

Faith-Based Initiatives – Bill will create an Office of Faith Based Initiatives in the governor’s office to defend religious liberty and welcome our leaders of faith as partners for addressing the problems in our communities.

A Government of the People – To open up government, Bill will also initiate a new program to invite public comments on new laws before he signs them, bringing everyone into the process more directly. As governor, he also pledges to deliver State of the State addresses in all three Grand Divisions. He also plans to open up our government records because our current open records process is broken.

Life – Bill is 100% pro-life, and he will sign legislation that reduces abortions, such as the heartbeat bill, and enforce the law to ensure Planned Parenthood doesn’t get another dime of state money.

Constitutional Liberties – Bill will defend our founding principles. Bill will work to preserve our First Amendment religious liberty to ensure Tennesseans are free to exercise their religion free from state and activist overreach. He’ll defend the Second Amendment, pledging to sign constitutional carry to put Tennessee in line with the one-third of states that support our law-abiding gun owners. He will also enforce the Tenth Amendment, by defending Tennessee in court against federal overreach on issues such as Obamacare, and will ensure that our state’s rights are protected.

Rule of Law – On his final point, Bill will enforce the rule of law on immigration. Sanctuary Cities are by definition, lawlessness. They will not happen on Bill’s watch, nor will he allow for any new benefits to be created to support illegal immigration.

13 Responses to Lee unveils 10-point ‘contract with Tennesseans’

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    Donna Locke says:

    If Bill Lee were to end up as the Republican nominee, I wouldn’t vote for him. I’m not going to vote for someone who is running to represent his religion or thinks he has been called to religiously minister to the state. People like this are also not going to do the sane thing on immigration, no matter what they say during their campaigns. Although I am politically active as a conservative Independent, I sat out general elections for my own state rep because of this theocratic stuff.

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      Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Donna, Bill Lee is a No Record Candidate who is running for the highest political office in this state, to me that’s his problem. I think the chances that he is going to force religion on us individually is nil. These are secular times, totally uncongenial to the establishment of a theocracy no matter how deeply religious government leaders might be. His religiosity might be stylistically annoying to you, but as a fellow conservative I wish that you wouldn’t take yourself out of the fray over considerations of style.

      Frankly, there are not enough knowledgeable conservative voters to begin with, so each of us should look for an excuse, hold our nose, or do anything else to make it possible for us to participate in elections. I believe a Governor Boyd will be an eight year constant annoyance to conservatives that we must avoid now when we have the chance. I think its laughable lunacy to elect a No Record Candidate like Lee to the highest political office in this state but I am willing to do so if Lee turns out to be the most likely to defeat Boyd in the primary as per the polls. Of course, if he is nominated the Republican center of gravity and inertia is bound to make him better than Dean.

      We need you Donna. Please reconsider.

      • Avatar
        Donna Locke says:

        Stuart, thanks, and of course I’m like many or most others in having to do triage at the polls and pick the one who may do the least damage. I’m concerned about the corporate welfare giveaways and other things besides immigration.

        It’s telling that Lee and Boyd didn’t seem interested enough even to vote until recent years. Where were they when serious things were happening in this country? Not at the polls.

        I’m grateful to everyone who takes enough interest to inform us and try to make our world better. Of course, we may differ on how that should be done.

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    David Collins says:

    Sinclair Lewis said, “When Fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross”.
    This has already happened on a national level, let’s not let it happen in Tennessee.

  • Avatar
    William Upton says:

    Lee is a little too heavy on the “religious calling” for my taste.

  • Avatar
    James White says:

    No. No term limits

  • Avatar
    Misty Pardner says:

    Lee sounds more like a theocratic dictator than a constitutionalist.

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  • Avatar
    Tennessee Jed says:

    I could do without Ayatollah Lee. Not qualified and it always bothers me when people try to earn votes based on religious pandering.

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