Teenage backers of Rep. Lynn burn opponent’s campaign sign

The Tennessee House District 57 race has heated up in the last few weeks until Election Day as one Mt. Juliet commissioner’s son was at the center of a political sign burning, reports the Lebanon Democrat.


Candidate Trisha Farmer said she was notified about an Instagram post on the account of the son of Commissioner Ray Justice that showed a teenager giving a “thumbs up” symbol as he held a burning Trisha Farmer political yard sign.

The caption to the post read, “How we feel about Trisha Farmer.” Farmer said the incident took place after many of her signs were stolen in the last several weeks.

Justice, who said he does not have an Instagram account, said he confronted his son after the post was brought to his attention.

“I confronted my son about it, and he admitted that he didn’t do it, but he did post it. I had him go up to Trisha and apologize,” said Justice, who said he also made his son give Farmer $10 for the damage to the sign, along with signing up for community service in Mt. Juliet.

“This is not something I condone, and I’m not going to tolerate this from my children,” said Justice. “I was embarrassed but my son is going to do the right thing.”

Justice said his son told him a group found the sign, along with several others, in a Dumpster near one of their workplaces. He said his son knew about Farmer’s lawsuit against the city and her ongoing issues with her opponent, Rep. Susan Lynn, and decided to post the picture with the caption.

Farmer won her lawsuit against the city of Mt. Juliet after she claimed her political signs were removed while signs of Republican-affiliated candidates remained untouched.

Note: See also the Nashville Scene, which begins its account, “Teenagers are apt to do stupid things.” And here’s the Farmer campaign press release:

WILSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE. (20, OCTOBER 2016)- In Wilson County Trisha Farmer’s signs are being stolen and burned by Susan Lynn supporters. In an Instagram photo, where Kevin Justice (city commissioner Ray Justice’s son) was tagged, a young man can be seen burning a Trisha Farmer sign with the caption stating, “How we feel about Trisha Farmer”. This incident took place after many Trisha Farmer signs have been stolen over the course of the last several weeks.

“I am disheartened by the actions of this young man, and frustrated that the illegal actions of this young man were not addressed by city commissioner Ray Justice, since his son was tagged in the picture. These are the types of actions that we have unfortunately come to expect from Susan Lynn and her camp. When elected to office I will be a servant to the people, no matter their political stance. I forgive this young man, and hope that he will come to understand the cost, and work it takes to run for office.”

Trisha Farmer recently fought for and won a case against the city of Mt. Juliet’s unconstitutional sign ordinance, where the city told people when they could have political signs on their own private property. Trisha Farmer has focused her campaign on three main issues: improving infrastructure, improving the educational system, and providing healthcare for people in need. For more information on Trisha’s campaign please visit: trishafarmer.com

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