How much will Ogles’ late disclosures cost him?

The deadline to submit campaign finance disclosures with the Federal Election Commission was Friday. There was still no sign Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles’ filing as of Tuesday, the third day of early voting in the Republican primary for the 5th Congressional District.

We had a look at the FEC website to figure out what sort of penalty Ogles will face for his tardiness, and it appears he will have to pony up a minimum of $5,242 based on the fundraising levels he announced shortly after joining the race.

Ogles declared in May that he had raised $453,000 in the first 30 of his campaign. The FEC’s administrative fines are calculated on the basis of the total money a candidate has raised and spent during the period in question. He’s presumably brought in more money than the originally announced total and he’s been running a TV ad in fairly regular rotation, so the aggregate is likely to be significantly higher. You can calculate your own estimated penalties here.

The Ogles campaign told the Tennessee Star it was having trouble retrieving bank records. His failure to file his disclosure on time comes as he is the subject of an attack ad hitting him for repeatedly missing the deadline to pay his property taxes on time.


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