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Report: Mark Green among members of Congress texting Meadows about efforts to undo 2020 election

Text messages from U.S. Rep. Mark Green (R-Ashland City) are among the hundreds turned over to congressional investigators by former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, according to a report by Talking Points Memo:

Other members of Congress sent Meadows questionable legal theories and wildly undemocratic plans to have the vote overturned at the state level. Rep. Mark Green (R-TN) pointed to a segment on the far-right cable network Newsmax where the political operative Dick Morris argued Republican state legislatures had the power to “declare” Trump the winner based on unproven allegations of fraud. 

Image credit: Talking Points Memo.

The text log does not include responses from Meadows to these texts from Babin, Cramer, and Green. Green’s communications director, Rachel del Guidice, provided a statement to TPM that suggested his ideas came from people in his district rather than the congressman himself.

“Congressman Green was passing along what constituents were sending him to keep the White House informed on the sentiments of his constituents,” del Guidice said. “He wasn’t advocating for any specific course of action.”

Read the full report here.


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