Gill jailed for failing to pay $170K in child support

Radio talk show host Steve Gill is behind bars for failing to pay $170,000 in child support, The Tennessean’s Joel Ebert reports.

Gill was booked into the Williamson County jail on Tuesday night. He had been ordered in May to pay the child support to his ex-wife, Kathryn B. Gill, within 10 days. His bond was set at the same $170,000.

Gill’s former wife filed a petition in January for civil contempt. She sought $86,000 in child support, plus $4,400 in medical expenses, $133,000 in college expenses, $11,000 for a car she purchased for the children.

Steve Gill told the newspaper in May that he would seek to overturn the judge’s order  by going to “to court and present the facts and numbers.”

Gill runs a political consulting business and has spearheaded the conservative Tennessee Star website. He is also a former two-time congressional candidate.


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