New TNJ alert: Back to the drawing board, hanging around after the budget, and ivermectin for all

The Tennessee Senate meets on June 1, 2020. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

The new print edition of The Tennessee Journal is out. Here is what’s in it:

— Back to the drawing board? Republicans scramble to draw new Senate maps in case their appeal of redistricting order falls short.

— Not so super? New law establishing three-judge panels to evaluate redistricting challenges didn’t prevent embarrassing ruling against GOP.

— Long goodbye or veto override opportunity: House plans to hang around for two weeks after passing budget.

— Legislative roundup: Smoking ban, ivermectin for anyone asking, school board hubbubs, public records.

Also: Ford gets “spun up” about takeover of West Tennessee town’s finances, Slatery names a new chief deputy, Windle goes independent, and lawmakers want guidance for motorists about how to behave during traffic stops.

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