New TNJ edition alert: Randy Boyd settles in UT role, Lee administration’s warnings about mask bill

Randy Boyd, right, and Bill Lee attend a gubernatorial forum at the Nashville library on Feb. 1, 2018. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

This week’s print edition of The Tennessee Journal is shipping early because of the holiday weekend. Here’s what’s in it:

— Randy Boyd hits his three-year anniversary as UT president on Friday. He sits down with The Tennessee Journal talk about his gubernatorial bid, “completing the mission” on advancing education opportunities, and shutting down his political action committee.

— The Lee administration warned lawmakers of legal problems with the omnibus COVID-19 bill, but the governor signed it anyway.

— Tennessee general fund revenues grew by 16% last year. The State Funding Board sees next year’s increase falling to a more modest 2.25%.

Also: Jeremy Durham’s latest legal setback, Todd Gardenhire takes aim at party fees to run in GOP primaries, Jimmy Haslam drops a half million to federal candidates (including two Dems), and the law banning satirical attacks in campaign literature is back on the books.

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Happy Thanksgiving!


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