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New TNJ edition alert: Ask not for whom Mike Bell tolls…

Sen. Mike Bell (R-Riceville) attends a redistricting hearing on Oct. 18, 2021. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

The latest print edition of The Tennessee Journal is out in the world. Here is what’s in it:

— Bell bypassing lame-duck status in effort to soothe TWRA turmoil.

— Campaign finance: New interim reports shed light on last-minute spending, Cothren fights subpoena.

— Restocking the Cabinet: Lee names Merrick legal counsel, Sellars communications director.

Also: Payday lending impresario loses Cleveland school board race to … a Democrat, the Highlander institute opposes a historical designation for its original Grundy County site, and Garth Brooks is footing the bill for a police station next to his new honky-tonk.

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