New spending in Gov. Bill Lee’s budget proposal

The state Capitol on March 16, 2020. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

Here is a look at the $7.38 billion in new spending (including $796 million from federal and other sources) contained in Gov. Bill Lee’s spending plan for the budget year beginning in July:

DepartmentNew spending
(federal/other sources)
Transportation – General Fund Subsidy$3,312,123,000 ($6,123,000)
F&A. TennCare$863,138,300 ($546,799,800)
Miscellaneous Appropriations$800,585,400
Education (K-12)$515,556,800 ($30,205,600)
Economic and Community Development$254,817,500
Children’s Services$193,477,900 ($106,306,700)
Environment and Conservation$187,521,300 ($20,549,000)
Finance and Administration (F&A)$173,403,400 ($273,200)
Higher Education$162,404,100
Commerce and Insurance$48,285,200 ($4,754,200)
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services$46,176,800 ($14,316,500)
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities$42,993,000 ($15,707,700)
Health$34,311,100 ($1,786,600)
Commissions$34,219,700 ($29,750,000)
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation$32,792,900 ($1,673,000)
Agriculture$19,817,900 ($782,400)
Military$17,129,300 ($981,400)
Labor and Workforce Development$15,387,100
Court System$11,937,800
General Services$9,901,300 ($5,223,000)
Treasury Department$9,878,000 ($7,042,000)
Tourist Development$8,476,000
Attorney General and Reporter$7,353,900 ($922,000)
Comptroller of the Treasury$7,126,900
District Attorneys General Conference$4,920,700 ($652,400)
District Public Defenders Conference$4,305,200
Secretary of State$3,548,000
Veterans Services$3,299,600
Wildlife Resources Agency$3,166,500
Human Resources$2,163,700 ($2,163,700)
Board of Parole$452,900
Human Services$376,000 ($83,200)
Office of the Post-Conviction Defender$38,100
Executive Department$13,700

Print your own: New Department of Commerce & Insurance licensing system going more paperless

The Tennessee Commerce and Insurance Department is going more paperless. Here are the details from the agency:

NASHVILLE — As part of ongoing efforts to modernize insurance licensing, save money and remove barriers that hinder the Volunteer State’s economy, the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance (TDCI) announces a system upgrade that will create a more paperless insurance licensing process.

Starting Tuesday, Oct. 13 by 9 a.m. CDT, TDCI will go live on the newest version of State Based Systems (SBS), a web-based application through the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) that supports states’ insurance regulation. When launched, the new system will mean:

_ No more paper licenses will be printed and mailed by TDCI. Instead, licensees can print a license any time by using the SBS License Manager tool.

_ No more renewal notifications will be mailed to Tennessee insurance producers. To be contacted by TDCI, licensees must keep a current business email updated in TDCI’s system. A current and updated email address is imperative to receive notifications. Licensees can update their email online at by clicking on the ‘Change Contact Information’ link.

_ Licenses will now be eligible for renewal up to 90 days prior to their expiration date.

_ Email notifications will automatically be sent once a license is approved.

_ Licensees will continue to be able to print their license and view their CE transcripts online.

“With over 200,000 licensed insurance agents in Tennessee and $44.4 billion in premium volume written in 2019, it is incumbent on TDCI to continually improve our processes in order to create efficiencies and help Tennessee’s insurance professionals succeed while providing responsible regulation to help protect consumers,” said TDCI Commissioner Hodgen Mainda.

During the transition period that began Oct. 7, NIPR and SBS services, including licensing operations and online consumer complaint filing, will be suspended. Consumers should contact TDCI Consumer Insurance Services at 615-741-2218 or 1-800-342-4029 with questions or to file a complaint.

“The SBS improvement will save thousands of dollars in taxpayer monies as well as countless man hours since paper licenses will no longer need to be printed or mailed by our staff,” said TDCI Assistant Commissioner of Insurance Rachel Jrade-Rice. “I encourage consumers or insurance producers who may have questions about the upgrade to contact our team at the appropriate contact numbers in order to receive additional information.”

Entities with questions pertaining to licensing should contact TDCI Agent Licensing at 1-888-416-0868 or 615-741-2693. Questions about the SBS transition should be directed to the SBS Service Desk or 816-783-8990.


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