Highlights from Bredesen rally featuring Isbell, Folds

Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen’s campaign has put together some highlights from the rally/fundraiser featuring artists Jason Isbell and Ben Folds, whom Senate Republicans famously denounced as members of the unhinged, angry left.  Here it is:

Bredesen’s latest ad features Democrat at childhood home

In Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen’s latest ad, the former governor travels back to the upstate New York home and discusses growing up in the home of his grandmother, who worked as a seamstress and had 11 children.

“Washington is filled with educated, secure people who love telling the rest of us how to live. I want to turn this upside-down,” Bredesen says in the ad. “I want to tell Washington instead how we want to live and put them to work making it happen.”

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Super PAC launches ad supporting Bredesen

A new ad being run the Majority Forward Super PAC touts the virtues of Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen.

“As governor, Bredesen saved Tennessee from a financial tailspin,” the narrator says, adding that he avoided a hike in the state sales tax or the creation of a state income tax.

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