anti-nashville bills

New TNJ alert: How to ease the anti-Nashville frenzy, Lee’s big-money play for express lanes

Each TDOT region gets the same amount of money.

The latest print edition of The Tennessee Journal is out. Here is what’s in it:

— Could deal on 2028 convention ease GOP’s anti-Nashville frenzy?

— Bill Lee’s $3.3B roads plan includes sending big money to sparsely populated areas, indexing the hiked EV fee.

— Supreme Court nominee Dwight Tarwater in his own words.

— Obituaries: Redistricting advocate Maclin Davis and former senator and lobbyist Tommy Haun.

Also: McNally was alerted to heartbeat issues by watch, Cade Cothren gets delay for Registry case, Guy Jones to retire from prosecutors’ group, and lawmakers charge into trying to regulate drag shows.

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