Supreme Court formally lifts injunction on voucher program

The Tennessee Supreme Court building is seen in Nashville on Dec.8, 2021. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

The state Supreme Court has formally lifted the injunction in place on Gov. Bill Lee’s signature school voucher law since 2019. Lee’s office says it will immediately begin implementing the Education Savings Account program.

According to a statement from Lee:

Today the court removed the final roadblock to getting Memphis and Nashville families additional options for high-quality education. Starting today, we will work to help eligible parents enroll this school year, as we ensure Tennessee families have the opportunity to choose the school that they believe is best for their child.

The case now heads back to Chancery Court for further proceedings, but Nashville Chancellor Anne Martin, who issued to the original ruling, will be joined by two further jurists under a new law requiring a panel of three elected judges to preside over cases challenging state laws. The other two are Circuit Judges Tammy Harrington of Blount County and Valerie Smith of Shelby County. Both were first appointed to the bench by Republican Gov. Bill Haslam.


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