Super PAC goal: $4M to help Ogles Senate campaign

News release from Andy Ogles campaign

FRANKLIN, TENN. (Sept. 19, 2017) — Conservative Republican businessman and fundraiser Lee Beaman announced today that he is in the process of forming a federal SuperPAC that will focus on electing Andy Ogles to the U.S. Senate.

“Tennessee is a deeply red state,” Beaman noted in making the announcement, “and we should have Senators who not only reflect the conservative values of our state but who will aggressively fight for them on the floor of the Senate.”

Beaman pointed out that the SuperPAC is intended to help Ogles secure the nomination and win the general election next November.

“There are donors who are already anxious to get involved in this race, and our plan is to raise and spend $4 million over the next 13 months to provide President Trump with an ally in the U.S. Senate that he will be able to depend upon,” Beaman added. “The President needs a Tennessee Senator who will fight to secure our border, strengthen our national security capabilities, repeal and replace the failed Obamacare plan, and cut the taxes and regulations that are preventing businesses from putting America back to work and putting more money into the paychecks of their employees. Andy Ogles will be that Senator.”

Beaman is the owner of Beaman Automotive group and is also is a member of the board at conservative think tank The Beacon Center of Tennessee; a leading contributor to Americans for Prosperity; and a member of numerous leadership boards across the Greater Nashville area.

“Having worked with Andy Ogles during his service as State Director of Americans for Prosperity, I know first-hand his tireless commitment to conservative issues and am excited about sharing what I know with donors and activists across the country,” Beaman said in making the announcement.

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