Super PAC’s television ad targets Black over immigration

A new TV ad run by an independent Super PAC is taking aim at Diane Black over immigration.

The ad is paid for by a group called Tennessee Jobs Now PAC, which had until now been running its ads attacking Black on talk radio stations. The PAC is mostly funded by millionaire businessman Joe Hollingsworth of Clinton, the father of Rep. Trey Hollingsworth, who won his election in Indiana in 2016 with the support of a PAC called Indiana Jobs Now.

The congressman’s father, Joe Hollingsworth of Clinton, Tenn., has given $8,000 to Boyd’s gubernatorial bid. The Boyd camp has said it has nothing to do with the ads. The elder Hollingsworth publicly contemplated a Democratic bid for governor of Tennessee in 1998, but ultimately bowed out.

Transcript of the TV ad. (Note: This replaces a previously posted transcript of a related radio ad):

“MS-13 gang member? Driver’s license. Terrorist? Driver’s license. Human trafficker? Driver’s license. In the legislature, Diane Black voted to give Tennessee driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. Then in Washington, Black voted against funding president Trump’s border wall. Diane Black is making it easier for criminals, even terrorists, to come here illegally and stay. Dishonest Diane Black. Good for illegal immigrants, bad for Tennessee.”

The ad carries the disclaimer that it is: “Paid for by Tennessee Jobs Now PAC, not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.”

Update/Note: An officer of the PAC tells The Tennessean via email that the PAC supports Boyd for governor, though it has not been working with his campaign.

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