Sundquist backs Jimmy Matlock in 2nd Congressional District Republican primary

Former Gov. Don Sundquist, who earlier endorsed Randy Boyd in the governor’s race and Marsha Blackburn for U.S. Senate, is now backing state Rep. Jimmy Matlock in the 2nd Congressional District Republican primary, reports Tennessee Star.

The Star posts a copy of a fundraiser for Matlock, to be held in Knoxville on June 18, with outgoing Republican U.S. Rep. John J. “Jimmy” Duncan Jr. and Sundquist listed as special guests supporting the state representative – along with their wives. Suggested minimum contribution is $500 per person.

And, naturally, the right-wing website throws in some commentary critical of Sundquist. Excerpt:

The income tax is not the only political baggage that Don Sundquist drags along with him when he endorses a candidate. Illegal immigration is a top concern among Republican primary voters in Tennessee and nationally, and Diane Black is under fire for her vote to give driver’s licenses to illegals in 2001.  Meanwhile, it is worth noting that Sundquist was the Governor who actually signed the legislation granting drivers’ licenses to illegals in Tennessee.

“Between Sundquist’s support for a state income tax and his push for drivers licenses for illegals, both of which were strenuously opposed by conservative Republicans at the time and which remain contentious issues, it is hard to see the political strategy of making him the face of a Republican Primary campaign this cycle,” Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill pointed out.

Duncan earlier announced his endorsement of Matlock, who is opposed in the GOP primary by Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett and others.


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