State Rep. Vincent Dixie sued by former campaign worker

A former campaign worker for state Rep. Vincent Dixie (D-Nashville) is suing the freshman lawmaker for unpaid wages.

The Tennessean’s Natalie Allison reports that Tamika White, the former field worker, alleges she was evicted from her home last month “in large part due to (Dixie’s) nonpayment” of $4,750 in ages.

Dixie said he had spoken with White a few months ago about paying the remaining balance of her wages over the next three months because he had to replenish his campaign funds and couldn’t raise money during the session.

“We don’t have any written contract,” Dixie said. “I can’t find it.”

“I don’t mind paying what I owe,” said Dixie, who has so far only paid White $1,750. “But I’m not going to pay some amount that (his attorney) has made up and thrown out there and thinks it’s going to stick.”

Dixie had $1,890 in his campaign account as of his most recent filing.

4 Responses to State Rep. Vincent Dixie sued by former campaign worker

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    Phil Lassiter says:

    He must resign. Fiduciary irresponsibility is as bad as being a third party to texts. Maybe worse.

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      Lenny says:

      Casada made his political career by branding himself as a devout Evangelical who would make Tennessee a Christian state. His adultery and hypocrisy caught up with him.

      He didnt resign. He was forced out of his role as Speaker by the TN GOP who desperately needs their Family Values brand in tact.

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    James White says:

    I would think Rep Dixie would initiate the contract? I wonder what the IRS has to say?

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    MARLE says:

    This must be quite an important story for the length of time it has captured the catbird seat!

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