Sponsor denounces ‘misinformation’ on property assessment bill, withdraws measure from vote

Sen. Kerry Roberts blasted opponents of his bill to change property assessment appeals in comments on the Senate floor, but the Springfield Republican then withdrew the measure from a scheduled vote before the General Assembly goes into recess amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Business groups like the state Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independence Business had taken issue with effort to ram the bill through while the Capitol complex has been closed to lobbyists and advocates.

“For the past 24 hours there’s been tremendous amount of misinformation sent to members about this bill, claiming it would result in a tax increase,” Roberts said. “I want every member in this body to know exactly what they’re voting for, so I’m going to make a motion in a minute to send it back to Calendar, because I do anticipate we’re going to be back in session a little bit later in the year..

“As an inactive certified public accountant, I can tell you this is a very complicated issue, but there’s also a very good explanation and a very good reason for this,” he said. “And I want to have the opportunity to talk to each and every one of you, so when you cast your vote, you will fully understand that this issue is trying to solve.”

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    Phil Lassiter says:

    Best not to consider legislation that is anti business when no one in audience. Sponsor was trying to stick it to small businesses here. Sneaky

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    CollegeGrover says:

    There does not seem to be very much info on this issue. Does anyone know what is the controversy is?

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    MARLE says:

    When the country is Open for Business ……People die of the flu. Each year I have been alive we have callously put capitalism above life. Between 50-70 Thousand died each flu season, and that is Not ok.

    There are peak times (about 8 weeks usually) when the death rate rises . . Vaccines are only 40% effective overall and only 25% effective in the elderly/compromised population. So a vaccine is Not the answer.

    Shutting down the country each year would undoubtedly save lives. Haven’t we save lives in this shut down? And we could do this for about 8 weeks every year. No one would be taking a cruise during those weeks, flying anywhere, or scheduling a business conference, or planning a trip to Disney world or Las Vegas. Just 8 weeks out of your calendar to save lives. The economy and market would adapt to the new normal.

    We cannot make any calculation about trade offs: Economy vs Life saving. Oh, no. To do that would, in effect, establish an acceptable level of death.( Not a desired level of death but clearly a tolerated/accepted level of death.) And only those who don’t care would make that calculation.. There are some people who just don’t care, you know. Bad people. ( I wish I could thank the person who helped me see this so clearly).

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