Some reports from Mae Beavers’ gubernatorial campaign kickoff

Republican state Sen. Mae Beavers formally launched her 2018 campaign for governor Saturday before a crowd of about 150 cheering supporters and a “dozen of so” sign-waving Democrat demonstrators, reports the Times Free Press. In her speech at Mount Juliet, she pledged to bring to the Tennessee governor’s mansion her tea party principles in areas from opposing abortion and transgender rights to fighting to repeal a just-passed gas tax increase.

“I have consistently championed the same conservative values and principles,” Beavers, a 23-year legislative veteran, told a hometown crowd of 150 or more supporters. “I have not wavered one inch.”

…Beavers was an early supporter of President Donald Trump, chairing the Tennessee delegation at last year’s Republican National Convention. She channeled Trump’s “America First” slogan in her announcement speech, saying, “It’s time to put Tennessee first!”

From The Tennessean’s report:

Asked during a later news conference how she planned to protect Tennesseans from refugees she deemed a threat, Beavers said she would pressure the federal government for more information.

“The federal government is not giving us information on these refugees,” she said. “We just want to know who is coming here … (and) keep an eye on them.”

Criticisms of the federal government aside, Beavers may turn to President Donald Trump — whom she supported early on — for a favor in her campaign.

“I’m sure we’ll try” to get him to Tennessee, she said with a smile.

(Wilson County Democrats organized the protest under the name #BlockedByMae)… The name borrows a Twitter hashtag in reference to Beavers’ tendency to block those on the social media site with whom she does not agree. Her Twitter profile is private, meaning only the 2,087 followers she’s approved can see her messages.

Beavers on Saturday promised a public Twitter profile would be created for her campaign.

From Tennessee Star, under the headline “Both Shrewd And Sweet, Mae Beavers Has Adoring Fans In Her Bid For Governor”

Beavers gave a speech at the rally in which she said she would fight to repeal the gas tax and strengthen vetting for refugees coming into the state. She also said she would push to maintain school bathrooms based on biological sex and support pro-life causes and the definition of marriage as one man and one woman per the Tennessee Constitution. Supporters waved American flags and snacked on refreshments that included Mae Sugar Cookies shaped in the letter M. Her three young grandchildren led the pledge of allegiance at the start of the event.

… Rep. Mark Pody, her ally in the state legislature, said in remarks before her speech that she is “tested by fire.”

“I’ve stood by her and seen the battle scars on her as she keeps fighting,” said Pody (R-Lebanon).

Beavers’ conservatism, especially on social issues, has attracted fierce protests in recent months. Protesters were there with signs waving at Saturday’s rally, after which some squared off with a handful of her supporters in a tense exchange of words.

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    Brandy says:

    She needs to keep her nose out of my home life and keep her religion to herself. I will be supporting anyone who candig the dirt she is hiding.

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