Sixteen of 493 TN laws approved in 2017 take effect on New Year’s Day

Sixteen of the 493 general laws approved by the Tennessee General Assembly in 2017 take effect on Jan. 1, 2018. Most took effect either on the day signed by the governor or on July 1, 2017.

Some of those effective with the new year:

-Tennessee’s version of a “Campus Free Speech Act,” which says public institutions of higher learning cannot deny student activity fees to student organizations based on their viewpoints and cannot bar guest speakers invited to campus by students or faculty because the speaker’s speech might be considered offensive or otherwise disagreeable.

-The state Alcoholic Beverage Commission loses its authority to enforce state laws prohibiting the sale and use of marijuana. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation will have primary authority for enforcing such laws at the state level.

-There will a $50 fine for driving while using a cell phone within a school zone.

-New school bus drivers will be required to go through a training program and a new system for overseeing the bus drivers is established.

The Legislature’s website summarizes each of the 16 laws effective with the new year HERE. The full list of all 493 laws enacted during the 2017 legislative session —  officially known as public chapters until duly “codified” as part of state statutes as one of the first acts of the following year’s legislature — is HERE.

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