Shelby GOP disavows local candidate with ties to white nationalist group

The Shelby County Republican Party is disavowing Keith Alexander, the property assessor candidate with white nationalist ties, reports the Commercial Appeal. Alexander’s name has been dropped from membership roll and  a $25 donation he made was refunded.

And, if Alexander wins Tuesday’s primary election, local GOP Chairman Lee Mills would want Alexander removed and candidate Robert “Chip” Trouy to fill the Republican spot in the August county general election.. Alexander and Trouy are the only Republicans seeking the party’s nod for assessor.

“That would be my preference, but I couldn’t file that contest,” Mills said of removing Alexander, adding that challenge lies with Trouy.

…Trouy would need to  challenge the election in writing with the state primary board within five days of the certified results… On Monday, Trouy said he had not thought about it.

“I haven’t considered any other option other than winning this race,” he said.

…Alexander lost to Democrat Cheyenne Johnson in 2014 for assessor of property.

…Recent publicity has drawn attention to Alexander’s past comments on The Political Cesspool radio show, and affiliation with the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC). The Southern Poverty Law Center designates the CCC a white nationalist hate group and calls the radio show overtly racist and anti-Semitic.

Alexander recently told The Commercial Appeal he doesn’t consider himself “a right-wing extremist” and that he cut ties with the radio show and the CCC.

3 Responses to Shelby GOP disavows local candidate with ties to white nationalist group

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    James White says:

    Just like they eliminated Dr. Toros from the Senate (might of beat Blackburn), they will eliminate anyone threatens the Deep State NeoCon Republican control.

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    Amy Harshman Green says:

    Good for Lee Mills!

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    Eddie White says:

    I don’t know anything about the CCC, or the radio show. But I do know that the Southern Poverty Law Center has previously labeled organizations supporting traditional conservative values as hate groups.

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