Shelby County Commission to Haslam: Veto anti-sanctuary cities bill

Shelby County commissioners approved a resolution Monday that urges Gov. Bill Haslam to veto a bill that would require local and state law enforcement agencies to work with federal immigration agents on immigration matters, reports the Memphis Daily News.

The resolution sponsored by several commissioners passed with the votes of seven of the eight commissioners present. Commission chairwoman Heidi Shafer did not vote on the matter, saying she needed to know more about legal issues surrounding the legislation.

Commissioner Mark Billingsley, who raised the issue last week, said if signed by Haslam the new state law would, in effect, be “racial profiling” and would amount to detaining people without a warrant or probable cause.

“We’re not prepared for this,” he said of local law enforcement.

Note: A post on legislative passage of the bill is HERE.

5 Responses to Shelby County Commission to Haslam: Veto anti-sanctuary cities bill

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    James White says:

    much expected from the liberal city to the west. in other new, water is wet.

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    Donna Locke says:

    Gee, when WILL we be “prepared” to enforce our laws?

    Law enforcement officers should already be getting civil rights training.

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    Tommy Ray McAnally says:

    Is HASLAM smart enough to do what is RIGHT? DONOT VOTE THIS BII. If MEMPHIS AINT prepared get out of the seat your occupying. Again this ain’t PHYSICS.

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    Jay says:

    I’m encouraged to see this defense of state sovereignty. We Tennesseans should be able to decide for our own state how to handle immigration.

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    Jaron says:

    Unlike republicans I actually support small government, even past the state level. I support Shelby county in this because I support individual freedom.

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