Sethi names 174 ‘grassroots supporters’ for Senate bid

Vanderbilt surgeon Manny Sethi is releasing a list of “grassroots support” in all 95 counties in his bid for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate.

“I am so honored to have support in every corner of Tennessee,” Sethi said in a release. “From Mountain City to Memphis, and Turtletown to Tiptonville, these grassroots leaders are eager to elect a conservative outsider to the United States Senate. I look forward to adding to this list in the coming months as we work towards victory next August.”

The list includes state Reps. Dan Howell (R-Cleveland) and Kelly Keisling (R-Byrdstown), as well as former state Rep. Tony Shipley (R-Kingsport). Also represented is Rebecca Griffey, the wife of freshman state Rep. Bruce Griffey (R-Paris), who has been in the news lately. She is one of 12 members of the state Republican Party’s executive committee endorsing Sethi.

“Conservatives from across the state are hungry for a fresh voice to take on the Washington establishment and support our president,” said “It is a remarkable accomplishment for a campaign to have this level of broad grassroots support this early in a campaign,” said Forrest Barnwell-Hagemeyer, Dr. Manny’s campaign manager. “It’s clear that Dr. Manny is the choice of Tennessee conservatives.”

Here’s the list broken down by county:

State Executive Committeewoman Amy Jones

Reverend Jeff Heard

James Peach

Robert Standefer

Sharon Earley

Jonathan Cantrell
Sarah Cantrell
State Representative Dan Howell

Les Barnaby

Denise Caffey
Shirley Boren

Colonel Jim Harding

Lynn Richardson

Linda Klingmann

Sam Boyd

Daniel Chauncey

Bev Young

Joan Fine
Rama Brunswick

Benny Jones
Dow Jones
John Roberts

Ruste Via

State Executive Committeewoman Barbara Gregson
Steve Frank

David Birdsong
Dr. Ming Wang
Duane Dominey
Neil B. Chaffin
Reverend Louie Johnston Jr.
Rick Williams
Scooter Clippard
State Executive Committeeman Robert Duvall
Tootie Haskins

Lorenzo Lore

Gayle Redmon

State Executive Committeeman Larry Hillis

County Commissioner Rusty Grills
Hunter Grills

Farrar Vaughan
Rossville Mayor Judy Watters

Amanda Howard

Barbara Lancaster
Ross Peterson

Deborah Hicks
Tonya Stafford

Steven Dube

Dean Mills
Jerri Etta Bishop
Kathy Adams
Patricia Mills
State Executive Committeeman David Bishop

Olivia Lodge

Steve Simpson

Hannah Starnes

Fred Decosimo
John Eyster
Laura Frederick
Lisa Eyster
Pete Frederick

Dwayne Bledsoe

Patricia Plunk

Alex Fornsbach
Karl Fornsbach

Ralph Darnell

Martha Jones

Weston Watts

Paul Holberg
State Executive Committeewoman Rebecca Griffey

Wayne Thompson

Gene Fenley

Jerry Pangle

Patrick Basler

David Hayes
Jeff Lane
Jefferson County Mayor Mark Potts

Amelia Lopez

Bobby Waggoner
Kevin Desmond
State Executive Committeeman Scott Smith
Susan Richardson Williams

Brian Wright

Johnny Edwards

Kevin Hathaway
Sissy Garner

Jonah Keltner

Mary Tackett

Dr. David Knoll
Kathryn Knoll
Lily Winglet

Chris Allison
County Commissioner Gary Deaton
County Trustee John Newman
Donna Webb

Peter Beasley
Rodney Kilgore
Tammy Graber

County Trustee Scottie Poarch
Julie Quan
Sam Smith

Cheryl Brown Bailey

Peter Ferris

Harvey Durham

Richard McAlister

Nomon Kennedy
William Ogles

Deforrest “Dee” Schupska
Joni Hargrove

Larry Moorehead

Stephanie Sexton

John Hale

Diana Webb

Lobelville Mayor Robby Moore

State Representative Kelly Keisling

County Commissioner James Woody

Dennis Bynum
Laurie McCall
Owen Burnett
Zachary Stephens

Chris Bancroft

Barbara Forrester
Stanley Forrester

Chris Orindoff
Richard Swink

JoAnn Skidmore
Katherine Hudgins
Larry Sims

Bruce Duncan

Linda Tate
M.L. Tate

State Executive Committeeman Rob Ailey

Brian Walker
David Sitton
Jennifer Martinez
John Williams
Laurie Johnson
Linda Robertson
Melinda Selberg
Mitchell Baker
Rieta Selberg
Rosine Ghawji
Todd Payne
Yvonne Chapman

Ken Frye
Mike Dunn

Kyle Mallory
Vince Gray

Former State Representative Tony Shipley
Joe Begley

Chrissy Farmer
Dr. Hal T. Farmer
Reverend Marty Layton

Adam Lindsey

Howard Haley

Bill Gaines
Jim Buchanan

Haley Collins

Kathy Rodgers

Ben Myers
Bill Warren
Colonel Thomas Vaughan

Dick Cecil
Former Jonesborough Mayor Kelly Wolfe
State Executive Committeewoman Anita Hodges Taylor

Summer Jackson

Marty Plunk

Junior Miller

Dr. Omar Hamada
Lisa Gary
State Executive Committeewoman Cyndi Miller

Alex Stillwell
Kathryn Stillwell
State Executive Committeeman Jerry Beavers
State Executive Committeewoman Terri Nicholson


35 Responses to Sethi names 174 ‘grassroots supporters’ for Senate bid

  • Impressive

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      Stuart I. Anderson says:

      You think that list of supporters is “impressive,” what about the fact that Dr. Outsider has decided that though he has an almost nonexistent record in politics he feels that his first foray into elective politics should come with his running for the United States Senate? Let “Little People” begin their tenure in “public service” in the county commission or state legislature Chairman Manny has decided only the U. S. Senate will do.

      Oh yes, I say “Chairman” Manny because while his running for U. S. Senate might show arrogance and a bit of narcissism, in fact, it could be that Dr. Outsider is actually quite a modest guy. Too modest to boast about his crowning political achievement, viz. Chairman of the Statesmen’s Dinner which is the major fundraising event of the State Republican Party. It’s not every Outsider that can just stroll into State Republican Headquarters and be awarded such an august position. I say from now on let it be “Chairman Manny.”

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        Lance Persson says:

        I suspect you hate Trump too.
        …Mr. (I presume) Anderson, Please learn where the candidates stand on the issues. Those who know him, will tell you, he is the only true conservative in the race. If you are happy with the likes of our current senator, I can understand why you would not want Sethi Manny as a candidate.
        …We want a candidate we can trust to represent the citizens of Tennessee, not the special interest, big money, PACs.

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          Stuart I. Anderson says:

          Lance (I trust) Persson, James White, a more patient responder to this blog than I has been trying to establish Chairman Sethi’s position on the issues for some time to no avail. Because I don’t have James’ patience I have made no such efforts. Rather, I believe that when someone is serious enough to run for the U. S. Senate lending his campaign $1 million in the process and running as a “conservative” he should not only have a list of talking points conjured up by his campaign as the result of polling, he should have a list of past significant contribution to, and advocacy for, conservative causes that make him worthy of the votes of conservatives. Chairman Manny has no such credentials so he has no bona fides as a conservative candidate for U. S. Senate as far as I’m concerned. If he wants to wage his campaign by capturing the imagination of his friends and acquaintances good luck to him.

          As for his being an “outsider” after being Chairman of the Statesmen’s Dinner, having two prior Chairmen of the State Republican Party reported as friends, a former Republican U. S. Senator as a professional colleague, and the third former Chairman of the Party as his campaign manager – its simply too ludicrous to require further comment. What a misguided campaign, as of now, I’m for Hagerty.

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            Lenny says:

            You couldn’t say shit with a mouthful.

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            Betty J. Ziesel says:

            Now Stuart, be cool, remember not talking about issues until late in the election is how Chris DeVaney wins elections for candidates. So, you absolutely cannot give your support to the opposition without first acknowledging Devaney’s successes … Corker … Lee … Haslam while he was party chairman and so on. Hagerty, a Haslamite, deserves no support just because he gave $2700 to Trump. What’d he do for TN is the important question?

          • Avatar
            Stuart I. Anderson says:

            When it comes to issues and elections I am “cool” to a fault insofar as I pay no attention to candidate’s stands on the issues which are usually nothing more than words put into the candidate’s mouths by the hired campaign team based on polling by the hired campaign pollster. What little attention I pay to the campaign is only done based on my interest in the tactics the campaigns are using. No, for me my choice of candidates is based to a 90% extent on the political track record of the candidate throughout his adult life. That’s why I find it so preposterous to even consider voting for Chairman Manny for a high office like U. S. Senate since he has almost no track record.

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        Lenny says:

        Word Salad Annie

  • Avatar
    Beatrice Shaw says:

    he MUST get rid of Chris Devaney if he is to get elected. Once people realize he was the architect of Bob Corker (Iran)………..

    • Avatar
      Betty L. Ziesel says:

      Beatrice Shaw, Devaney was also the architect of getting Bill Lee elected. That’s why I refused to vote for Lee … too bad others fell for the tragic story of loss, etc. that Devaney put forth first. You didn’t really know his opinion on important issues until he’d won everybody over with the tragic story. Anyway, Sethi may be the best bet we have. Hagerty certainly isn’t even though Trump was persuaded by the D.C. and TN elite to jump the gun with early endorsement. BTW anybody who thinks Bill Haslam currently doesn’t have a say so on matters of TN politics have their heads in the sand or are fools.

      • Avatar
        Stuart I. Anderson says:

        Chairman Manny is trying to run the same campaign as did Bill Lee who captured the imagination of 37% of the voters to win election after running a cotton candy campaign. Conservatives should not be voting for someone with no proven political ideology that he can point to as being held BEFORE the campaign.

        At least Hagerty has a record that establishes himself as a centrist/tepid conservative Republican. Hagerty gave $2,700 to the Trump campaign and was director of presidential appointments for Trump’s transition team following which Trump named him ambassador to Japan. The President didn’t need persuasion by “. . .the D.C. and TN elite. . .” to endorse Hagerty. If both Trump and Hagerty get elected at least you can rely on Hagerty to be a loyal Trump ally for the first four years of Hagerty’s six year term. With Chairman Manny you can rely on cotton candy being sweet.

        • Avatar
          Lenny says:

          Why do you keep bashing Bill Lee? He bribed officials to pass coupons for Catholic School. $7,300 for each of my kids so they can be educated were Harry Potter is forbidden.

        • Avatar
          Betty J. Ziesel says:

          As stated in my previous comment, “Trump was persuaded by the D.C. and TN elite to jump the gun with early endorsement”. Furthermore, Billy Lee happened to be in D.C. on his way to Japan and had an “unofficial” meeting with Trump just before Billy left for his whirlwind visit AND just previous to Trump making his endorsement BEFORE Hagerty could officially make his announcement. Wink, wink, nothing going on here! Yeah, if elected, you can rely on Haslam, oops! Hagerty to be a loyal Trump Ally. Bwahahaha…

          • Avatar
            Stuart I. Anderson says:

            I’m sorry Betty, as of now voters have a binary choice, Bill Hagerty from Central Casting of the Republican establishment or Chairman Manny from the operating rooms of Vanderbilt University Hospital. You seem to be very unhappy that Haggerty is the establishment’s guy, which he undoubtedly is, and I am unhappy that Sethi is campaigning as a “conservative outsider” when there is no evidence of his being the former and it’s laughable to even assert he is the latter.

            Hagerty is what he is and thus far is running a campaign that advertises him to be exactly what he is as established by his record of contributing some $393,000 almost entirely to establishment Republican candidates and causes while Chairman Manny has no political record so he’s trying to fool the electorate by presenting himself as something he is not. I’ll take Hagerty.

  • Avatar
    Jason Wallflower says:

    174 people that are going to be on Ward’s crap list after Hagerty wins.

    • Avatar
      Lance Persson says:

      Please add my name to that list and let me know if you really believe Manny Sethi is not the best candidate and why you would believe that. What issues do you not agree with him on?

  • Avatar
    Beatrice Shaw says:

    Lance….you a maroon

  • Avatar
    LV. Sherrill says:

    Maybe it would be great to have Dr Manny. Seems to be working very well with our governor and president!

  • Avatar
    Betty L. Ziesel says:

    Further, endorsements from Jonesborough’s former mayor, Kelley Wolfe and current GOP committeewoman, Anita Hodges Taylor are definite warnings of a stacked deck from liberal leaning elites, who will agree to anything to get elected, re-elected and satisfy their egos to play with the political stars in their own little minds.

  • Avatar
    Misty Pardner says:

    Dr. manny has demonstrated here he has no idea politically what is going on in Tennessee. Also, this a telling list of what is going on with the state GOP. SEC members, local party chairs and local executive committee members should not endorse in an open primary, ever. Scott is not doing his job and he is scared too. Tea Baggers and the other Libtards (libertarians) that have infected the local parties and are driving away sensible people away from the Republican Party. Howell and Keisling getting on board shows lack of political savvy and will be an embarrassment to them next August. But this is what happens when the local party tells you what to do.

  • Avatar
    Phil Lassiter says:

    Good point, Misty. Scott and the State GOP owe their existence to the wealthy elites. This group bailed them out when they had no money (literally), and continues to fund them. If anyone wants to donate politically, don’t do it through the State Party. Give directly to candidates. Same goes if you are asked to donate to a PAC.

    • Avatar
      Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Great point Phil. I like to paraphrase a famous cry from American history and say “Millions for conservative candidates, not a penny for the Republican Party.” One disagreement I have with you, however, is the generalization that one should not contribute to PACs. If you find a PAC that has a very low overhead like the Club For Growth and/or does work about which you are very enthusiastic like, in my case, the House Freedom Fund I think one can go ahead and send a contribution there as well.

  • Avatar
    Tim Skow says:

    Its ”Simply SILLY” to argue as Stuart does that Dr. Sethi isn’t qualified to be a US Senator because of his limited background of political /party involvement. Currently, US Senator Ron Johnson, US Senator Ben Sasse, US Senator Rand Paul, US Senator Thom Tillis and more have come from stellar private sector backgrounds and vaulted into the US Senate with stellar impacts. In short ”SILLY STUART” is up to more of what is good at … #SILLINESS … No more… No less

    • Avatar
      James White says:

      Stuart types with his right hand and votes with his left. He says he is against the status quo but votes for it everytime. His advice is to change, but nothing changes. Because the partys are the same and they will not let a constitutional conservative in the party. He is a party man.

      • Avatar
        James White says:

        I do not know where Sethi stands on issues as Stuart pointed out, but he is qualified according to the U.S. Constitution: “No Person shall be a Senator who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty Years, and been nine Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State for which he shall be chosen.”

      • Avatar
        Eddie White says:

        Stuart chooses to remain in a party that is responsible for governing. He could choose to leave the Republican Party and go independent or to some remote party, but he chooses to stay in a governing party. By doing so he has a chance to make a difference in the direction of that party and therefore policies that actually impact the lives of everyday citizens.

        • Avatar
          James White says:

          The Republican party moving to the left hasn’t happened in the last 100 years and I don’t see it doing it now. Socialism is the party that is leading us to the ‘left’, just look at the evidence. No matter which party is in control, policy dictates socialism.

  • Avatar
    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Tim, I decided to take a break from being silly to take a look at you examples of why we should overlook the fact that Chairman Manny is a No Record Candidate and nominate him anyway. Senator Johnson’s big selling point at the convention that nominated him was his well publicized ability to self-finance his entire campaign. Indeed, he spent $4 million to buy one of Wisconsin’s senate seat. Impressed? After earning his doctorate Ben Sasse spent five years working in Washington where he went through Senate confirmation for his position at HHS after working as chief of staff for Republican Rep. Jeff Fortenberry BEFORE running for the Senate. After establishing his ophthalmology practice Rand Paul spent time writing newspaper columns, helping his father’s presidential campaigns, establishing the anti-tax Kentucky Taxpayer United, and giving speeches to Tea Party groups BEFORE running for the Senate. Tom Tillis (Heritage – 67%), who turned out to be almost as worthless as Lamar (Heritage – 50%), was elected to the state House in 2006 where he became speaker four years later BEFORE running for the Senate in 2014.

    Please don’t be embarrassed Tim about the fact that the extensive political backgrounds of three out of the four senators you presented BEFORE they ran for the Senate compared to Chairman Manny show the absurdity of Dr. Outsider’s candidacy. I am glad you motivated me to go through that exercise because it gives me the opportunity to make that point all the more clearly.

    • Avatar
      MARLE says:

      Rand Paul wants to means test Medicare… much for gauging a conservative via Heritage scores. Or maybe, Stuart, you find Means Testing and turning Medicare into a true Welfare program IS a conservative position.

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  • Avatar
    Beatrice Shaw says:

    Tim is also a maroon

  • All of this family friendly jousting is amusing… and enlightening. Ten-months to go before we will vote and decisions are being made prematurely. Why not wait and see WHO… WHAT… WHERE… and HOW the campaigns develop? FACTS MATTER… and all the “facts” are not yet on the table. BLESSINGS!

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