Sethi enters Republican race to succeed Alexander

Surgeon Manny Sethi is joining the Republican race to succeed retiring U.S. Sen  Lamar Alexander next year. His announcement comes before other potential candidates like former Gov. Bill Haslam, Ambassador Bill Hagerty, or U.S. Rep Mark Green have announced whether they will run.

Here’s Sethi’s announcement release:

Nashville — Today, Dr. Manny Sethi, a Nashville trauma surgeon, launched his campaign for United States Senate.

“Tennesseans want a conservative outsider who will take on the Establishment, support President Trump, fight illegal immigration and work to repeal ObamaCare,” said Sethi. “That’s why I’m running for Senate.”

Dr. Sethi, 41, is the first candidate to enter the race.  A first generation son of Indian immigrants, Sethi released a video this morning telling the story of his family coming to America.

“My parents taught me to be grateful I was born in America because everything our family has was given to us by this country. I am a product of the American dream. I want to make sure that dream is available to our children and grandchildren,” said Sethi.

Sethi, and his wife, Maya, have been together since they were 16. They were married in 2005 and have two young children.

The Republican Primary is August.

4 Responses to Sethi enters Republican race to succeed Alexander

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    James White says:

    Probably better than NeoCon Green!

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    Perry Aubric says:

    A ridiculous joke.

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    Eddie White says:

    This race is over if Bill Haslam decides to run,

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    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    There is no shortage of wealthy narcissists in Tennessee and some of them apparently find high office with an open seat come election time an irresistible attraction. So we have Dr. Sethi who has gone through with his threats to run for the open U. S. Senate being vacated, at long last, by Lamar and is our first alleged “outside conservative” No Record Candidate. No record of votes from holding any public office, no record of consistent significant contributions to conservative candidates despite his being a very wealthy man well out of puberty, and no record of conservative advocacy outside of his job as a surgeon.

    Dr. Sethi may be a No Record Candidate but he apparently likes to hang around political types but his political associations should give no comfort to conservatives. He is reported to be a close buddy of Chip Saltsman, election guru for centrist Republicans, and Sethi wrote a book with Dr. Bill Frist, whose time in office as U. S. Senator was not exactly a memorable one as far as conservatives are concerned. Finally, I seem to remember that Sethi had a big role in one of the Statesman’s Dinners which just goes to show that the Republican establishment thinks Sethi is an O K guy.

    Thus we have a picture of a No Record Candidate with distinctly centrist leanings and so there may be a role of Sethi after all. In this no runoff state no conservative can complain if a wealthy narcissist of distinctly centrist inclinations wants to run and split the centrist/tepid conservative vote in the Republican Primary thus making it easier for a solid conservative with a real political record to win. With that hope I welcome Dr. Sethi to the race.

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