Senate throws down marker over which bills it wants to take up in resumed session

In the ongoing fight between the House and Senate over the scope of the return to session, the upper chamber has compiled a list of bills it plans to limit itself to when lawmakers return on June 1. The House is taking a more wide-open approach.

The Senate committee agendas don’t include bills already pending floor votes.

Here’s the list:

Senate Education

1. SB1974 by Gresham

Education – As introduced, clarifies that the powers and authority of the state building commission with respect to construction or demolition projects undertaken by foundations created for the benefit of the state universities originally governed by the board of regents still apply, after the restructuring of the board of regents, to foundations created for the benefit of state universities governed by local governing boards of trustees. – Amends TCA Title 4 and Title 49.

2. SB1247 by Gresham

Education, Dept. of – As introduced, requires the department to publish the list of art supplies that are certified nontoxic by the Arts and Creative Materials Institute on the department’s website. – Amends TCA Title 49.

3. SB2160 by Johnson, Gresham

Education – As introduced, establishes various requirements relating to literacy instruction provided to students in any of the grades kindergarten through two; establishes methods of evaluating the reading proficiency of students in any of the grades kindergarten through three; establishes requirements relating to literacy instruction provided to teaching candidates; establishes various studies and review processes relating to the state’s accountability model and the licensure process for teachers. – Amends TCA Title 49.

Senate Finance, Ways & Means

1. SB 2111 by Lundberg

Public Funds and Financing – As introduced, changes from January 31 to March 1, the date by which the commissioner of economic and community development must report to the general assembly on the administration of the program allocating the state’s bond authority among governmental units having authority to issue bonds. – Amends TCA Title 3; Title 4; Title 8; Title 9 and Title 12.

2. SB2312 by Gardenhire

Hospitals and Health Care Facilities – As introduced, makes various changes to the certificate of need process for healthcare facilities and services. – Amends TCA Title 68, Chapter 11, Part 16.

3. SB2097 by Gresham

Scholarships and Financial Aid – As introduced, enacts the “Financial Aid Simplification for Tennesseans (FAST) Act.” – Amends TCA Title 12, Chapter 3; Title 49, Chapter 1 and Title 49, Chapter 4.

4. SB2677 by Johnson

Taxes, Sales – As introduced, changes, from February 1 to February 15, the date by which the department of revenue must report findings and recommendations regarding sales taxes collected on electronic nicotine delivery devices to the speakers of the senate and the house of representatives and the chairs of the respective finance, ways and means committees. – Amends TCA Title 67.

5. SB1633 by Yager

Air Pollution – As introduced, requires the department of environment and conservation to develop a plan to implement the federal affordable clean energy rule and submit the plan to the EPA for approval by June 15, 2020. – Amends TCA Title 7; Title 65; Title 68 and Chapter 478 of the Public Acts of 2015.

6. Budget package

Senate Government Operations

1. SB1685 by Roberts

Sunset Laws – As introduced, extends the regional transportation authority of Middle Tennessee to June 30, 2024. – Amends TCA Title 4, Chapter 29 and Title 64, Chapter 8, Part 1.

2. SB1700 by Roberts

Sunset Laws – As introduced, extends the state textbook and instructional materials quality commission to June 30, 2024. – Amends TCA Title 4, Chapter 29 and Title 49, Chapter 6.

Senate Judiciary

1. SB2741 by Bell

Courts – As introduced, allows a court to temporarily hold court proceedings in a courthouse or other room located outside the county seat under specific circumstances. – Amends TCA Section 16-1-105.

2. SJR0849 by Johnson

General Assembly, Confirmation of Appointment – James Haltom, Claims Commission

3. SJR0885 by Stevens

Victims’ Rights – Proposes an amendment to Article I, Section 35 of the Constitution of Tennessee for the purpose of rewriting the rights to which crime victims are entitled.

4. SB2381 by Bell

Civil Procedure – As introduced, changes, from not less than five days to not less than seven days before a hearing, the time the opposing party has to file a response to a petition under the Tennessee Public Participation Act. – Amends TCA Title 1; Title 5; Title 6; Title 7; Title 8; Title 9; Title 20; Title 27; Title 28; Title 29; Title 47 and Title 49.

5. SB2734 by Bell

Sentencing – As introduced, removes requirement that a person convicted of a drug offense in a drug-free school zone must serve the entire minimum sentence imposed before being eligible for release on parole; decreases the drug-free school zone from 1,000 feet to 500 feet; makes various changes to sentencing requirements for certain controlled substance violations. – Amends TCA Title 16, Chapter 2; Title 39, Chapter 17, Part 4 and Section 49-2-116.

6. Court of Appeals Confirmation

Senate Transportation

1. SB0243 by Massey

Advertising – As introduced, specifies that the notice the commissioner of transportation must give to the affected outdoor advertiser of the determination of illegality of the removal, cutting, or trimming of vegetation, is to be made by United States postal service or electronic mail. – Amends TCA Title 54, Chapter 21.

2. SB1589 by Massey

Driver Licenses – As introduced, requires the department of safety to report to the transportation committees of both houses by February 1, 2020, the number of commercial driver license holders who previously held military commercial driver licenses, and whether they experienced any barriers in applying for such state license. – Amends TCA Title 4; Title 9; Title 54; Title 55 and Title 67.

Senate Health

1. SB0378 by Yarbro

TennCare – As introduced, removes the requirement that the governor receive authorization by the general assembly prior to making any decision or obligating the state with regard to the expansion of optional enrollment in the medical assistance program. – Amends TCA Title 71.

2. SB2707 by Yarbro

TennCare – As introduced, authorizes the governor to expand medical assistance pursuant to the Affordable Care Act; authorizes the governor to negotiate with the centers for medicare and medicaid services to determine the terms of the expansion. – Amends TCA Title 71, Chapter 5.

Senate State & Local

1. SB2187 by Johnson
Boards and Commissions – As introduced, transfers responsibility for administration of the Tennessee sports hall of fame from the commissioner of tourist development to the hall’s board of directors and makes other changes concerning the sports hall of fame. – Amends TCA Title 4, Chapter 3, Part 22 and Title 4, Chapter 3, Part 54.

2. SB0247 by Haile

Election Laws – As introduced, requires election officials to inspect filings for sufficiency and timeliness; establishes conclusive presumption that accepted filings are sufficient and timely filed. – Amends TCA Title 2.

3. SB2821 by Akbari

Tourism – As introduced, clarifies that accounting and legal services are exempted from the fee on sales of services and tangible personal property within central business improvement districts within tourism development zones. – Amends TCA Title 7, Chapter 88 and Title 67, Chapter 4, Part 30.

4. SB2826 by Akbari

Tourism – As introduced, increases from 10 percent to 15 percent, the percentage of qualified voters who must sign a petition filed with the county election commission within 30 days of final approval of an ordinance by the municipal legislative body levying a privilege tax on sales in business activity in a qualified public use facility and in tourism development zones in order for the county election commission to call an election on the question of whether or not the privilege tax should be levied. – Amends TCA Title 7, Chapter 88, Part 1 and Title 67, Chapter 4, Part 30.

5. SB1778 by Stevens

Real Property – As introduced, clarifies that a “bed and breakfast homestay” may be operated in a private condominium, as well as a private home, for purposes of the Bed and Breakfast Establishment Inspection Act of 1990, which requires inspection of a bed and breakfast homestay. – Amends TCA Title 5; Title 6; Title 7; Title 13; Title 56; Title 62; Title 66; Title 67 and Title 68.

6. SB0193 by Robinson

Election Laws – As introduced, authorizes a person who registered to vote by mail or online and who is voting for the first time to vote absentee by applying to vote absentee at any county election commission office. – Amends TCA Title 2.

7. SB1753 by Lundberg

Beer – As introduced, authorizes beer manufacturers to self-distribute beer within a 100-mile radius of the manufacturer if the manufacturer brews 50,000 gallons or less. – Amends TCA Title 57, Chapter 5.

8. SB2485 by Dickerson

Alcoholic Beverages – As introduced, designates the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville as an urban park center; authorizes the granting of a franchise for the provision of food or beverage, including alcoholic beverages, on its premises; specifies that the holder of such franchise is also considered an urban park center. – Amends TCA Title 57, Chapter 4.

9. SB2667 by Briggs

Lottery, Charitable – As introduced, adds tickets and coupons to the types of legal instruments entitling a winner of a charitable gaming event to a non-cash prize or award. – Amends TCA Title 3.

Senate Commerce

1. SB2207 by Johnson

Motor Vehicles – As introduced, extends, from September 30 to October 15 of each year, the deadline by which the governing committee of the Tennessee automobile insurance plan must submit its annual financial report to the department of commerce and insurance. – Amends TCA Title 4; Title 6; Title 7; Title 12; Title 42; Title 47, Chapter 18; Title 54; Title 55; Title 56; Title 65 and Title 67.

2. SB2684 by Watson

Health Care – As introduced, authorizes healthcare facilities to provide an electronic method for insureds or their representatives to acknowledge and sign the statutorily required notice that the insured agrees to receive medical services by an out-of-network provider and will receive a bill for the amount unpaid by the insured’s insurer. – Amends TCA Title 33; Title 56; Title 63 and Title 68.

3. SB1942 by Briggs

Pharmacy, Pharmacists – As introduced, prohibits a pharmacy benefit manager and certain other third parties from taking certain actions against entities and pharmacies participating in the federal 340B drug discount program; creates a private cause of action against violators. – Amends TCA Title 4; Title 56 and Title 71.

4. SB1350 by Yager

TennCare – As introduced, changes from 30 business days to 20 business days after issuance of the notice of assessment the time by which an ambulance provider must pay the assessment to the bureau of TennCare. – Amends TCA Title 71.

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