Sen. Green: I only labeled ‘murderous terrorists” evil (but urged doctor ‘cherry picking’ of patients?)

In apparently his first response to criticism from LGBT and Muslim groups on his nomination by President Trump as U.S. Army secretary, state Sen. Mark Green declares on Facebook that “the liberal left has cut and spliced my words about terrorism and ISIS blatantly falsifying what I’ve said. “

“The only people I have ever called evil are murderous terrorists trying to kill Americans,” he writes. “The only people I have ever suggested be crushed are the terrorist enemies of our nation.”

Green, if confirmed by the U.S. Senate, would succeed the first openly gay secretary of Army, Eric Fanning, appointed by President Obama. A central point in much of the criticism against Green is a speech he made to the Chattanooga Tea Party. (Sample previous posts HERE and HERE.)

Green’s response, the proceeding criticism, a strong splash of negative commentary (“racism and homophobia has come back to bite him in the ass now that he’s on a national stage”) and fresh reporting on past Green statements are part of a Cari Wade Gervin Nashville Scene post that includes an acknowledgment of bias (her sister is involved in vetting refugees) and a headline depicting the senator as “heartless.”

Excerpt on the freshest part:

A source passed along a memo Green issued back when he was running an emergency room, a memo that later surfaced as part of a lawsuit over payments from the company. In the memo Green encourages mid-level physicians to spend as little as five minutes with patients and sets quotas for treatment.

“You are expected to see at least three patients per hour, so cherry-pick the charts!” Green writes.

… Green won’t prescribe the morning-after pill to women because of his religious beliefs, he said last year during testimony on the anti-gay counseling bill (which he obviously supported). And Green’s caviler attitude towards patients was evident again on the Senate floor Monday night, during discussion over a bill introduced by Senate Minority Leader Lee Harris that would close a loophole in a law preventing people from being prosecuted for drugs when seeking medical help for an overdose.

Note: The Tennessean reports that transgender television personality Caitlyn Jenner is the latest to join the chorus of national LGBT activists condemning the nomination of Green, HERE.

3 Responses to Sen. Green: I only labeled ‘murderous terrorists” evil (but urged doctor ‘cherry picking’ of patients?)

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    Dave Vance says:

    So is Humphrey on the Hill officially joining the unindicted co-conspirators of the largest terrorist financing scheme in our history (CAIR) in bashing a decorated veteran that risked his life for his country or are you just desperate for a little attention? Or maybe you are siding with the perverted and mentally unstable anti Christian LBGT crowd that never met a true Christian they didn’t hate? I’m sure most of your readers will be impressed! My guess is most Tennesseans, indeed most Americans will be glad to see a true patriot and Christian appointed to this position that desperately needs to be filled by someone of Sen. Green’s caliber. SEN. Green deserves our support!

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    Kyle Mallory says:

    About seven years ago I was attacked by the same groups and called the same names by the same groups as Mark Green is being called today. They take parts of speeches or resolutions and distort the message that is being conveyed. The far loony left is attacking Mark because he is a Conservative Republican. These comments were wrong about me and wrong about Mark Green. CAIR is nothing more than a surrogate of ISIS and these attacks on Mark prove my point. Mark Green is a good man and the groups that are attacking him prove it.

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    C. Richard Archie says:

    I know that Sen. Mark Green is willing to work FOR the Citizens of this State, he carried a bill to give support and protection to our Seniors when no other Senator was willing to do so. It would not make him any money, it was simply the correct thing to do. I know his measure, and it is that of a considerate and thoughtful warrior for the Republic and the Constitution that is its handbook.

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