Roundup of some TN political junkie reading, 8/16/2016

TN columnists on Trump/Clinton

As with their counterparts nationally, most Tennessee mainstream media opinion commentary recently has revolved around the presidential campaign, related video tapes and the like. By and large, those published in newspapers seem generic to a national audience. But some do reference Tennessee.

Greg Johnson’s latest piece cites Gov. Bill Haslam’s refusal to vote for Donald Trump, basically endorsing the governor’s position, criticized by some other conservatives. Excerpt:

So, my question for my friends on the left: If you defended Bill Clinton in the 1990s, why do you condemn Trump now? And my question for my friends on the right: If you found Clinton’s behavior abhorrent in the 1990s, so vile you cheered his impeachment and deemed him unfit for the Oval Office, how can you back  Trump now?

Otis Sanford, a fellow with considerably more liberal inclinations than Johnson, cites the general lineup of the state’s elected Republicans behind Trump despite him acting like a “petulant, potty-mouthed juvenile”  – in particular, U.S. Rep. Diane Black – and declares their motivation is basically concern over presidential U.S. Supreme Court appointments.

Congresswoman Black acknowledged it. This is not really about the White House. This election is about control of the building several blocks down Pennsylvania Avenue that houses the Supreme Court of the United States.

The headline on Frank Daniels’s latest column asks, “What does vote your conscience even mean?” – a reference to TNGOP’s arguably ambiguous advice on voters fretting about how to cast their ballots amid infighting between party factions over Trump. He doesn’t offer a definitive answer  to the question, but points out “lots to think about.”

George Korda opines that Trump should stay in the race, contrary to Haslam’s call for resigning the nomination, but sorta complements the governor, too. HERE.

If he loses, he loses, though some of his supporters will cry foul. It’s better than him getting out and enabling them to claim conspiracy as the reason for his departure.

If he wins, he’ll find out that he has more friends than he could have realized, and many of them will be people who either kept silent, or expressed concerns about him, but will say after the election, “But I really was with you all along.”

Except Gov. Bill Haslam. He’ll be consistent on that score.

Mark Harmon recently visited the battleground state of Ohio and contrasts the situation there to things in Tennessee, where Trump is assured of victory. HERE.

On Rep. Jane Doe 33, aka Rep. Mary Littleton

Sam Stockard has a rambling review of state Rep. Mary Littleton, R-Dickson, being identified – in some quarters – as the person cited anonymously months ago as “Rep. Jane Doe 33” in Attorney General Herbert Slatery’s official report on the misdeeds of former Rep. Jeremy Durham, Democrats calling for an investigation of Littleton and related matters.

As noted previously, Harwell says she believes her opponents are playing politics, and they probably are, as she faces Democrat Chris Moth on Nov. 8. During the special session, she said, “I think the Democrats just kind of always look for something, right? That’s their job, and I understand.”

But with the outing of Rep. Jane Doe #33 and the continual harping by Democrats for a response, eventually something’s got to give.

Remember, it took three years for Harwell to go after Durham, though she and other Republicans claim they didn’t know the extent of his gamesmanship until this year.

Legislators ‘meddling’ with cities again?

Robert Houk opines that state Rep. Micah Van Huss, R-Jonesborough,  “once again is meddling in the affairs of municipal governments” with proposed legislation giving residents in non-incorporated areas a say in a city’s zoning business. “Boss Matthew Hill” I also criticized.

Hill and Van Huss have conspired to score cheap political victories at the expense of not only city taxpayers, but also those who pay state and county taxes. Don’t forget, this state’s government operates on sales taxes.

Gore’s trip with Clinton down Florida memory lane

Former Vice President Al Gore campaigned in Florida last week with Hillary Clinton, though the two have had their differences in the past. It got a fair amount of national attention, but yours truly  hadn’t paid a lot of attention. Having done so over the weekend, one of the better accounts is in the New York Times, HERE.

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