Roe still remains undecided about reelection run

U.S. Rep. Phil Roe says he still hasn’t decided whether to seek reelection to another term in Tennessee’s 1st Congressional District and that pending medical tests will have an impact on his decision along with his work load and a desire to get some things done to help veterans, reports the Kingsport Times News.

When asked by the Times News during a Friday conference call with reporters whether he would run for re-election, Roe responded:

“I have not … from a health standpoint … I’ve had a CT (computer tomography) scan, which was normal. I’m very pleased about that. … In another three to four weeks, I’ll have a blood test to see whether that’s normal and OK. Those things will impact the decision you make. So far, I’ve gotten great results. Physically I’m feeling better. … There are some things I have for the VA (Veterans Administration) that are critical that I’ve got to get done. … All of these are weighing on my decision and it’s going to be coming rather quickly. … I have a national platform now. … a chairmanship has added a lot of extra work.”

Note: In a post dated Jan. 3, Roe was quoted as saying he would decide “in the next week to 10 days.”

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