RGA reserves $2.2M worth of TV ad time to back TN gubernatorial nominee this fall

The Republican Governors Association is reserving $2.2 million in television advertising time help elect the party’s nominee for governor in this fall’s campaign, according to an item in a Politico roundup. Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam is currently chairman of the RGA.

Tennessee is one of six states added Monday to an earlier list of states where RGA plans to spend on TV air time. The other five are Alaska, Connecticut, Kansas, Minnesota, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

Per a release from the RGA: “…This follows the first round of ad reservations the RGA made in February in Florida, Nevada, Ohio and Arizona, which totaled about $20 million. The ad reservations were made on Monday and are effective for the last 4-6 weeks of the general election.

This latest round totals about $14 million, bringing the RGA’s total ad reservation so far for 2018 to $34 million. The RGA reserved ad time in Alaska ($1.5 million), Connecticut ($1.7 million), and Minnesota ($2.3 million). These three states are top pick-up opportunities for Republicans, and these reservations are just the beginning of GOP efforts to win these governorships.

The RGA also reserved ad time in Kansas ($1.1 million), Tennessee ($2.2 million), and Wisconsin ($5.1 million). Each of these states have the potential for a competitive governor’s race, and could also see potentially competitive Senate and House races in their states or media markets.”

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