Reps. Faison, Holt rented home from Miller

State Reps. Andy Holt and Jeremy Faison rented a Nashville home from Andy Miller Jr.,  reports The Tennessean. Miller is “the prominent Republican donor who paid for a European trip for several lawmakers in 2011 and took business investments from disgraced lawmaker Jeremy Durham.”

The transaction underlines the cozy relationship between lawmakers and Miller, a wealthy politico who regularly tries to advance his agenda through interactions with public officials.

The exact timeline of when the lawmakers rented Miller’s home is unclear — Faison said it was during the early part of 2013; Holt said it was 2014.

“We rented a house from him for what I would assume was fair market value. It was $1,200 or $1,500 a month and that was split,” Holt said.

…When asked if Miller ever talked about legislation with the lawmakers while they rented the house, Holt and Faison said that never occurred.

“The guy has never lobbied me for a bill, never once,” said Faison, who was one of six lawmakers who went on a five-day “fact finding” trip to Europe in 2011 with Miller to learn about radical Islam. The expenses for the trip were paid by Miller.

The GOP donor, his wife, his brother and his sister-in-law gave Holt a total of $6,000 in October 2014 — just months after when Holt said he rented the home. Faison has never received any campaign donations from Miller or his relatives.

Holt said he didn’t think it was a problem for him to rent the home from Miller and take donations, admitting that there would only be an issue if he was staying at the home for free.

“I could see where that would be something that we could say that’s probably not something that looks like an arms-length transaction,” Holt said. “I could understand that.”

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