Report: Mae Beavers’ husband uses epithet against critic

The husband of former Republican gubernatorial hopeful Mae Beavers used a derogatory epithet against a woman who questioned campaign finance issues related to her bid for Wilson County mayor.

The Lebanon Democrat reports that Jerry Beavers stood up and accused the questioner, Dolores Mackey, of being a troublemaker.

“The room seemed surprised, and as he sat down, he mumbled ‘stupid bitch,’” Mackey said.

“He’s always been very defensive of her,” she told the paper. “I understand him using that kind of language, and I have no doubt he’s used that language about me before, but it was shocking that he would use in room like that.”

Mackey told the Democrat that Beavers later apologized for his outburst, but did not apologize to her.

“I asked her about the articles about her campaign funds and she responded that she hadn’t done anything wrong,” Mackey said. “I pointed out that after more than 20 years in office, she should know campaign finance laws.”

Mackey and her late husband were supporters of Mae Beavers’ campaign for Senate, but later split with her and became supporters of longtime rival Rep. Susan Lynn (R-Mt. Juliet).

“We were very close to the Beavers family for about two years,” said Mackey.

Neither Mae or Jerry Beavers returned the newspapers requests for comment on Monday.

2 Responses to Report: Mae Beavers’ husband uses epithet against critic

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    Eddie White says:

    Tabloid news reporting

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    Tim Chaffin says:

    So sad that something can be deemed as “legal” but still be so ethically wrong. Deep down inside everyone has a moral compass that tells us what’s right and what’s wrong. If Mae is as strong of a Christian as she claims to be then her compass should have told her that was wrong. Not sure where her campaign funds came from for her bid for governor but I dare say that whoever donated for her cause for the office of govenor most likely would not have been so eager to donate for the office of county mayor. That would be like soliciting funds for a designated charity and totally using them for a different drive in a different county or state. My point …. legal doesn’t make it ethically right!! Shame on the finance committee for allowing her to keep the funds. Next time she should run for president … collect campaign money … drop out and run for governor!!! Is this what we want in politics??? Stay tuned for the next episode of Leave it to Beavers!!!!!

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