Report: Jacksonville now frontrunner for RNC convention

Jacksonville has been tentatively chosen as the new site for the Republican presidential convention, according to The Washington Post. Tennessee Republicans had hoped to draw the event to Nashville.

Officials tell the paper many of the lower-profile meetings would still take place in Charlotte, N.C., while holding the finale elsewhere. The move is aimed at shielding the party from lawsuits over moving the event after it couldn’t resolve a dispute with the state’s Democratic mayor over social distancing requirements amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We can’t do social distancing,” Trump told Gov. Roy Cooper in a phone call last month, according to the Post. 

The dispute led governors in Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee to lobby the White House to bring the event to their states.

Jacksonville, like Nashville, is still under restrictions on large gatherings and orders restricting businesses fr0m fully reopening.

10 Responses to Report: Jacksonville now frontrunner for RNC convention

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    John says:

    Many members of the State House are disappointed with the news this morning. Republican National Conventions are notorious for infusing host communities with economic activity, cocaine, and young interns. Right, Daddy?

  • Hehe. Minuteman Cocaine Cade Cothren can go to Jacksonville. Probably a Party Fowl or similar restaurant there

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    James White says:

    I see the TN House is waking up, and voted NO on HJR0809 No need to call an Article V Convention in today’s political climate.

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    MARLE says:

    They can crowd onto Amelia or Ponte Vedre beaches out in the open spaces instead of packed bars. Probably the better alternative.

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    Norma Shirk says:

    Good riddance! Let Jacksonville have the snarled traffic, the outrageous public safety costs and other inconveniences caused by the camp followers and assorted nuts who tote guns in support of the Prez.

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    Tim Skow says:

    WOW ! … A broke tourism City whose Mayor is saying we need a 32% TAX INCREASE has opportunity to show the country ”Nashville is OPEN for business again”… and WHINERS just WHINE about it. Can anyone remind us if today’s WHINERS also WHINED when the NFL Draft brought even more people to town??? #Whiners!

  • Sad, but we are right.

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