Report: Corker’s business deals, short stature hurt chances of Trump cabinet job

Republican Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker was reportedly a contender to become President-elect Donald Trump’s secretary of state, but internal documents provided by a Trump confidant reveal that insider trading allegations lowered Corker’s chances of being chosen, reports The Daily Caller.

Additionally, two sources close to the Trump transition process told The Daily Caller that Sen. Corker’s short stature was a trait the president-elect did not want in his top diplomat.

The documents provided to The DC were crafted before and after the time Sen. Corker was also being considered to become Trump’s vice president. One of them is titled, “Bob Corker: Mixing Public Service with Personal Profit.”

This document includes details about news reports of Sen. Corker’s investments into companies owned by donors and friends of the Tennessee senator. “While they have not commented publicly on the case, investigators appear to be looking into whether Corker’s trades may have been based on inside information,” the document said about an FBI and SEC investigation reported by The Wall Street Journal into Chattanooga real estate company CBL & Associates.

The document goes on to say, “Some of the transactions in question involved CBL, but they were not the only firm with long ties to Corker where he appears to have hidden the degree of his involvement.”

It states that there is a “concern” that Corker’s investments into two Chattanooga hedge funds founded by donors and friends of Corker were based on”privileged information that Corker obtains as a Senator.”

Corker’s relationship with Chattanooga businessman Henry Luken also raised eyebrows for the Trump team. “Best known as a communications magnate, Luken acquired the lion’s share of Corker’s failing real estate empire from him in 2006, while Corker was running for Congress and just before the credit crunch sparked by the financial crisis,” the document states. “As a result of the sale of the highly leveraged assets, Corker not only avoided the subsequent calamity, but he was given the liquidity he urgently needed to fund his own campaign.”

UPDATE/NOTE: Corker press secretary Micah Johnson offers this response to the Caller article; “This error-ridden document produced by Wall Street hedge funds seeking to discredit the work Senator Corker is doing to protect taxpayers and reform our housing finance system has been floating around D.C. since early last year, long before he was considered for Vice President or Secretary of State. Officials at the highest level of the Trump campaign and transition were well aware of the nefarious activity and false accusations begin generated by these shady actors, which in no way dissuaded them from considering Senator Corker for either of these positions. They also know that there are absolutely no investigations underway.”


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    Jerry McDonough says:

    Chattanooga voters never trusted him resulting in my never trusting him to represent Tennessee. Then he proved himself to be open to the highest bidder when the Senate at his bidding took away the filibuster for obama’s Iranian Nuclear agreement.

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    June Bill landrum says:

    Is this really supposed to be true. Just read of it recently on rtp. Are u a part of that Tom?

    • Tom Humphrey
      Tom Humphrey says:

      Well, do wish I’d had the Corker folks’ response — now in update/note at bottom — before posting. But didn’t at that holiday season moment and thought it was of interest when a prominent Tennessee politician gets national critical notice — which Rocky Top Politics, as you note, has been doing for a while. When received, the response was posted promptly (considering the old guy was out-of-state visiting a relative and belated in checking emails.) I have no connection whatsoever to RTP other than as a Tennessee political junkie who reads it regularly and who has been occasionally both bashed and complimented by the anonymous ones for his own efforts. Because of the anonymity, loath to refer to RTP except when the situation makes it more or less unavoidable — as your comment here does, I think. Daily Caller, founded by Tucker Carlson, is different — kinda a big deal nationally with millions of readers.

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