Rep. Hicks to get part-time pay in schools job during legislative session

State Rep. Gary Hicks, R-Rogersville, has requested a leave of absence from his job as technology director of the Rogersville City Schools system, reports the Kingsport Times-News. But the school system director, Rebecca Isaacs, says he will be paid for work when he can as the legislative schedule permits.

Hicks receives an annual salary of $67,519 from RCS. Isaacs told the Board of Education… Hicks can perform much of his duties remotely.

On non-session days, he will be on site at RCS and work his regular schedule while being paid his normal salary. On days when state business takes Hicks away from his RCS duties, he will be paid an hourly rate of $32.47 for the time that he is able to put in for the school.

That hourly rate was reached by dividing his yearly salary by the 260 work days per year, divided by eight work hours per day.

“May I say clearly, and with full authority, I’m the one who made this decision,” Isaacs told her board. “This was not encouraged by Mr. Hicks in any way. He is willing to do the job and to do it however we think best suits Rogersville City School and meet the call of the people.”

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